Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I've got a new blog...

Hi's been a while!
I've started a new blog over at:
I'll be sharing awesome recipes as well as what's
happening in my sewing room.
I hope you'll join me over there!

XOXO Tiffany

"On Friday nights you can usually find me reading in bed."
See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Saturday, June 27, 2015


 I'm off enjoying summer.
No time to blog.
XOXO Tiffany

"Extracting pleasure from simple things can be the key to a happy life".
Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L Scott

Saturday, May 30, 2015

On my nightstand...

Lately I've been reading:
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt (Lucy's request)
Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston (reading with friends)
Scary Close by Donald Miller (reading with friends)
Son by Lois Lowry (read aloud)
The Keillor Reader by Garrison Keillor (gift from brother)

It's pouring rain, the kids all have friends over, lunch is finished (pizza), and the last thing on my list is to pay bills.
Then I'll probably read, watch Netflix (Parks and Recreation), and play Skip-Bo with Matt.
I love summer.

Have a great weekend!

XOXO Tiffany

"Parents can't always change the influence of the world, but they can change the way they engage with their kids to help them weather the storms of uncertainty".
Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston

Saturday, May 23, 2015 we come.

We wrapped up our 2014/2015 school year on Friday.
It was one of our favorite years.

Friday ended up being warm and sunny, so we cancelled math for the day
and spent the afternoon outside.

I am so excited for summer.
I can't believe that I won't be teaching from 10-2:30 every day.
I plan on doing the things on the list above, and not much more.
I want to enjoy and soak in every moment.

Happy Summer!

XOXO Tiffany

"...a peaceful and happy mother is the real key to successful homeschooling".
Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie (eBook)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last Week in Pictures (May 10-16, 2015)

XOXO Tiffany

"...but I look forward to tomorrow morning and rising up, making coffee, watching the sun rise as it keeps doing day in and day out..."
The Keillor Reader by Garrison Keillor

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day

I am not one that puts a crazy amount of pressure on Mother's Day.
I'm totally fine telling my family what I want and what I would like to do.
I typically like the day to be fairly simple.
Church, food, relax.

Last year (2014) quickly took over as my worst Mother's Day ever.
It beat out 2002 by a landslide.

A trip down memory lane...
In 2002, Matt and I (7 months pregnant) took Daisy (11 months) on the Afton Princess Mother's Day boat cruise down the St. Croix River.
My mom kept saying, "Leave Daisy with me!  You guys go and have a good time!".
I said, "'s Mother's Day, I want Daisy to be with me!".
Famous last words.
Apparently a group of people were late in getting to the cruise, so they decided to wait, making the rest of the people that did show up on time, suffer.  They departed 45 minutes late.  Which meant that we ate 45 minutes late, and the cruise ended 45 minutes late.
For the average cruiser, this time delay wasn't a problem.
For us, there were some consequences.
Daisy had just learned how to run.
We had a hungry, tired, running 11 month old on that cruise for about an hour too long.
We nicknamed her "The Afton Princess" for the better part of that year.
Matt and I are not super relaxed in situations like that, so it was not the best day.
We did laugh about it later.  And still do.

Last year was a totally different situation.
My three kids, on any given day, are normally so good to me.
Lucy will give me a manicure, Daisy will scratch my back, MJ will be thoughtful with his words.
Really good kids.
On Mother's Day, something happened where it was almost like they couldn't stand the fact that I had a day about me.
It was the strangest thing.

The morning started out just fine.
We got home from church, and I was preparing a soup (that Matt and I love), a salad, and some bread  for a simple lunch.
My parents would be coming over shortly.
No one offered to help.  
My Love Language is Acts of Service, which means I feel loved when my family members ask me,
"Is there anything I can do to help, Mom?"
Over the course of the next hour,
one child was flopping around on the floor asking why they couldn't see if friends could play. ("because all your friends are celebrating their mothers today, Sweetie"...was my sarcastic response...I hate it when I get sarcastic)
Two family members were sitting on the couch watching TV while holding an iProduct.
One child was nowhere to be found.

So, I was crabby.
My parents came over and we sat down to the lunch I prepared all by myself.
One precious child looked me in the eyes and said,
"I wish we could have just gone out to eat so that we wouldn't have to eat this soup".
I stared back at that precious child, got up, and left the room.

Matt found me upstairs curled up in a ball crying over the selfish children that I had raised.
Seriously, on any other day, they don't act like that!
My bedroom is above the kitchen and after my family enjoyed lunch without me,
my mom said to my kids, "let's clean up the kitchen".
Another one of my precious kids said, "I don't know how".
Oh...mark my kids will never utter those words again!
I won't go into the rest of the gory details,
but let's just say, Matt and I had a meeting at about 7 o'clock that evening,
and our kids lives have not been the same since.

We attributed their ungrateful/entitled attitudes to:
1.  too much media
2.  not enough chores

Matt and I brainstormed ways to resolve those issues.
We came up with our Media Rules, which I go over once a month with the kids.
We also introduced a Chore Chart, which basically means that my kids will never again say that they don't know how to clean a kitchen, clean a bathroom, sweep, vacuum, dust, poop duty, take out the garbage, sort laundry, and help prepare meals. 
The reason they won't be able to say that they don't know how to do these things is because they have done these things every day/week for an entire year.
And they will continue to do these things around the house as long as they would like to live in this house.

We definitely have more time on our hands because we homeschool.
But, I am still planning on Daisy completing her chores every day/week next year even though she'll be at high school every day.  She may just have to do more of her chores on Saturday's.

I love my kids.
But I refuse to send an ungrateful, selfish, entitled kid out into this world (or into my basement).
There is work to do, there is time to manage, and there is fun to be had.
All things in moderation.

I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day!
I hope you feel loved and appreciated for all you do!
And, if you don't, it may just be the start of something awesome.

XOXO Tiffany

"Parents of tweens and teens need to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and be proactive and effective in training our children to face the snares of adolescence."
Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cooking and Sewing and Reading

It's Saturday morning, and I just sat down to my coconut latte.
I'm going to get my weekly blog post out, and then it's back to the kitchen.
We're celebrating birthday's and mother's day tonight with my family, my brothers family, my parents, and my grandma Ruta.
My menu:
Calico Beans
Gourmet Potatoes
Asian Cabbage Salad
Peach Pie
I brought this Rainbow Fruit Salad (+ cheese and crackers) to the most amazing prime rib dinner party at a friends house last night.

Honey Chicken Kabobs marinating.

Calico Beans in the crockpot.
I still need to set the table and prepare the rest of the menu.
Looking forward to spending the day in the kitchen.
Also looking forward to some little breaks out on the deck.
The weather is amazing!

Not much has been happening in the sewing room.
I made 50 fitted crib sheets for Bundles of Love.
And sewed some hems for a friend and myself.
Fixed a couple of things for Lucy.
Not much else at this point.
The more time I give to sewing, the more I have no idea what's for dinner.
Something has to take the back burner, and my Etsy shop is that thing.
For this season anyway.
I really like feeding my family.

Reading...trying (trying trying trying) to finish the 870 pages of Harry Potter book 5!
Also reading Scary Close by Donald Miller for our small group (love it).
My stack of books waiting for me to pick up is getting bigger and bigger.
Summer reading...can't wait.  3 weeks of Miller homeschool left...yes!

I'm off to make some homemade ice cream.
Have a great weekend!

XOXO Tiffany

"She looked around at Harry, her face glowing, and he saw that the presence of hundreds of books had finally convinced Hermione that what they were doing was right."
Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling