Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing Wednesday...for my girls!

So, my girls have been complaining lately that I sew for everybody but them. It was starting to make me sad. I had gotten into the mode of always saying "yes" to everyone else, and always making sure that my Etsy shop had something new in it, that my babies were getting neglected. I finally finished and delivered the 7 pre-ordered skirts and I decided to dedicate this Sewing Wednesday to Daisy (10) and Lucy (9). By the way, I started my Sewing Wednesdays the first Wednesday in September 2011 because with school starting up (I homeschool my 3 littles), I was wondering where I would find the time to sew. So, I dedicated my Wednesdays, and it's worked out beautifully! The kids have a small list of things to do (piano, 5 minute timed math, 30 minutes of reading, listen to our audio book), but they are free to play and get creative in the in between time. I had been wanting to make some crazy little skirts for the girls, so I picked this zebra fabric. Then, I laid out several color options for trim, and I had the girls each pick the one they wanted. Fortunately this went smoothly! There was a little hiccup when Lucy noticed the tourquoise fringe in Daisy's pile. But, we managed to get past it.

So, I took a basic girls skirt pattern, and traced it onto my pattern paper. Then I sliced the pattern in thirds, made the bottom two rectangles and added my seam allowance. I ended up with three pattern pieces like this:

Then, I cut out my fabric and laid it out with the trims to see what worked for me.

Then, the fun begins...sewing! I sat at my sewing machine for a few hours and came up with these little cuties!

Is anybody else "tech challenged"??? Ugh...this could get interesting. I'm not loving my layout...

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