Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who's that girl???

Well, I've been thinking a lot lately on who my target customer is...what does she look like, what does she do...who's that girl???

I've been sewing up a storm lately. I've been working on wristlets, key/coin bags, and my new school girl totes. Trying to get a table full for the fall craft fair. trusty little assistant Coco.

Sleeping on the job. Stinker.

I've been wanting to make these little onesies for a while now. I made 3 little baby blankets last year and the onesies have just been waiting for their turn. When my neighbors announced they were having a little girl, I knew this was my chance. Well, they had their baby almost two weeks ago now, so I decided to dig in!

Here are my little Ruffled Flower Onesies. I'm thinking I could have fun whipping these up and maybe listing some in my shop.

Ahhh, a little ruffled bum.

The completed gift. A flannel blanket, some Ruffled Flower Onesies (made with upcycled fabrics), and a couple of soft and cozy little lambies.

Which brings me back to my target customer. While most of my sales have gone to friends and friends of friends, I have made quite a few sales through Etsy and craft fairs. I met a customer last summer who is totally "that girl". She bought one of my skirts at my August craft fair. She was adorable and had her two little girls in tow. I can't remember her name, but this is what I know about her. She likes handmade items. She likes things that are different, things you can't find at the Gap or Target. She supports small businesses. She loves her family and friends. She likes an ecclectic mix of old, new, vintage, upcycled, recycled. She'll pay a little more for an item that is unique and handmade. She likes to buy local.

This list will grow as I grow my business. I feel like I am still trying to figure out who I am, so I suppose I will continue to find out who my target customer is along the way. What a journey. I sure am loving my time behind my sewing machine. Still working on finding a balance between sewing, homeschooling my kids, cooking for my family, and making time for my husband. So many more things that eek their way into the balancing act...but those are my top 4.

Time to go find some balance! XOXO Tiffany

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