Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daisy's Room

We've lived in our house for 10 years now. After 10 years, you start to really get the feeling that things need to be re-done. My girls shared a room for 7 years. They were 2 and 3 when they moved in together. I used the other room for my sewing/scrapbooking room. Well, once they hit 9 and 10, they were really ready to have their own space. They love each other to pieces...but have very different interests. So, we did a whole house shuffle and managed to move them into their own spaces.
When they wanted to do the switch, they of course wanted to do it like, yesterday! So, Daisy moved into this poor excuse for a room. Ripped shade, patched walls (from all the shelves that I had in here), a horrible shade of yellow (yellow can be tough to get right!) and she was also still using her pink sheets from her other room. I mean, there are worse rooms out there, but we were sick of it! So in August 2011, I decided to dig in! All I needed to purchase was:
curtains (though I should have made them...rats!)
yellow sheets
green blanket
chandelier (every room in my house has one)
That's it...not bad!
I was so ready for a break in "home projects", but once Lucy saw her sisters room...we knew we would need to tackle her room shortly after. I'll share photos of Lucy's "before and after" room another day. For the record...I have 4 striped rooms in my house. I really LOVE stripes!!!

OK...I have a super fun idea (well, I think it is!) for my blog. I'm thinking of calling it "Tiffy's Top Ten"! Each month I will pick a different theme and share my top ten favorites. I'm thinking January's (I better hustle!) is going to be Things I Wear...and for February...of course, it will be about LOVE. Hoping to get January's up this week!

Today, I'll be:
meeting up with the neighbor's for a morning tea
taking Lulu (Lucy) to gymnastics and running 4 errands


PS...I just finished my book club book "Little Bee" last night...while Chris Cleave had some beautifully written moments...I would not recommend it...nope, not a favorite. Here is my final quote from his book...

"Early each morning the garden boy brought me a scented yellow rose for my hair, trembling on its fine green stem with the dew of the night still on it". Little Bee by Chris Cleave


  1. Hi, I love to decorate children's rooms. I love scouring the net for pictures of quirky kids rooms. I love your stripes, and that fabulous dresser is a beautiful piece. I'm with you on the chandelier front. Pop over to my blog and say hi!

  2. Thank you Rowantree Design!!! I'm hoping to post another room re-do on Friday (that I did for my other daughter). I'm checking out your blog right now...