Friday, January 20, 2012

GG Pages...Scrapbooking

Many years ago (like 7?), I was chatting with a good friend. I was wondering what I should get the GG's (Great Grandma's) for Christmas. She had the best idea ever! Scrapbook pages! So, that was the year that I gave each of the Great Grandma's (my kids are blessed with 3!) an 8 x 8" scrapbook with some pages of photos from our year. Their books are filled to the max, so this was the year that I needed to buy another book. Well, I decided to just do little mini books this year instead of having them have to fuss with those posts in their other scrapbooks. Kind of a pain to figure out how to open, add, and close each time. I'm not always there to help...they usually get mailed. So, here are the little 8 x 8" mini books!
I just did little pages of our year. Very simple. Tied the books off with some ribbon, and they are good to go!

Here is an example of how simple my pages are! I've gotten very simple even in my own scrapbooks as well. I've realized that I can't do it all. I had to pick and choose what I can spend my time on. Our family scrapbook collection is important to me, but it's the photos that I care about, not so much the other embellishments. So, now I just use pretty paper and some journaling, and I get those pages done! The kids LOVE to look at the for them to remember all the little things about growing up together. Currently I am working on July 2010...only 18 months behind! I am hoping to be caught up by December 2012. What a great feeling that will be!

My little morning project today is to process the little pile of stuff by my computer. I always have a pile of little ideas that I want to look up, a website to check out, home videos to download, things to document in one of my many excel spreadsheets...

It's also laundry and bill paying day! Have a good one!!!

XOXO Tiffany

"Tea is the taste of my land: it is bitter and warm, strong, and sharp with memory. It tastes of longing. It tastes of the distance between where you are and where you come from." Little Bee by Chris Cleave

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