Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

I am crazy excited to tackle 2012 (is it just me or does Two Thousand Twelve sound really futuristic???). Here are some things on my list:

~~Read some books on How to Blog (sometimes I just jump into things and then figure out the
details later...like when we bought a puppy)
~~Add more ruffles to my designs and home
~~Plan out my spring/summer line (going up-cycled!)
~~Get a pool and trampoline for the kids (and me!)
~~Dust more...or as Amelia Bedelia says "un-dust"
~~Remove plastic from my kitchen (the kids and I watched Plastic Planet and have been forever changed!)
~~Cook/eat healthier
~~Remove candy/pop from our life
~~Be "thankful"
~~More date nights/weekends with Matt
~~Entertain our friends more...even if my house isn't perfect or we have to order pizza
~~Spend more time with God...studying His word
~~Figure out my business plan
~~Do zero craft shows this year (last year my goal was to do 2, I ended up doing 3...takes so much time to prep for these things and just took too much away from my family and our
~~Sew for my family and home first...then friends and Etsy
~~Drink lots of H2O
~~Exercise everyday
~~Find a healthy green drink to drink daily
~~Make homeschooling fun
~~Research more homeschooling options
~~Finish our basement (and a whole other list of HH projects!)
~~Say "yes" to spending quality time with the kids
~~Get my scrapbooks caught up
~~Buy more items second-hand
~~Bring those re-usable bags with to the store!
~~Buy a butcher block cutting board
~~Read through the New Testament
~~Simplify my kitchen so I can be more efficient

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Homeschool
4. Friends
5. Tiffany Layne Fashion

Things I did in 2011 that I would like to continue:

~De-cluttering...getting rid of the "stuff"
~Early to bed, early to rise
~Simplify our homeschooling
~Have an "everything notebook"

May Faith, Health, and Happiness be yours in 2012!!!!
XOXO Tiffany

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