Thursday, January 19, 2012

My (Organizing) Sewing (Room) Wednesday

Yesterday was my Sewing Wednesday. We had some friends over for dinner last weekend and the husband asked if I could patch/repair two pairs of jeans and also hem a pair of jeans. I can say "no" in almost every area of my life EXCEPT when it comes to my business. This is something I need to add to my "Things to work on list for 2012". So, I spent some time in the morning getting those jeans ready to go. After that, I was going to cut out some linings for my little Pillowcase Skirts. I went into the garage to pull out my "lining" storage tub...I was slapped in the face with cold temps and decided I would wait on that. I went back into my sewing room and saw this photo (below).

Yikes. How am I supposed to be productive when I am looking at this! So, I put on some good music (Paul Wright and Ingrid Michaelson and Gungor are some of my favorites right now) and got to work. Clearing, sorting, donating, throwing. After a little time, I could look at my "Simplify" sign with a smile. Now, I'm hoping to keep up with it and get those skirts done!

My 4:30am wake up time is going pretty good. Strangest thing though...turns out that getting up and immediately starting my exercise program, isn't all that great of a plan. I've shifted a couple of things I get up and make my chai tea (yep, that's motivating) and start my day with my Bible time (what could be better)...then I look over my day/week...then I exercise. So much better!!!!

Today...we're going to homeschool this morning and then head out to our homeschool co-op. The kids are all presenting their research reports today. Then, we were going to play outside...something tells me that the -12 temps are going to put a kabosh on that. We shall see! Have a great day!!!

XOXO Tiffany

"England was made of dawn mists that rose to the horses shoulder, of cakes cooled on wire trays for the cutting, of soft awakenings." Little Bee by Chris Cleave


  1. Hi Tiffany I found your blog. I was have a fashion design background too. I look forward to following your blog too!

  2. Hi Kayla...oh good! Love that you have a fashion design backround, too...we have MUCH in common!