Friday, January 6, 2012

Organization 2012

The pile. I'm always looking for ways to manage "the pile". I actually used to have "piles". Years back, I decided that one pile was enough, so I combined all my piles into one...that way when I was looking for something, I only had to dig through the one pile. On a good day, I would find the item I was looking for. A recipe, directions, a bill, a receipt etc... I have a fabulous file cabinet that I keep long term things in, but the day to day stuff needed a new system. So, here it is. My counter top filing system. I bought a 12 pack of file folders at Target for $4.99. I used my label maker to make my top 12 daily items. Mine are:

Menu Planning
Soccer (I'm the team manager of Daisy's traveling team)
Coupons (mostly dry cleaning, gas, and restaurants)
Gift Cards
Swim Team
Tiffany Layne Fashion
Organization (I keep random check lists and tips in here)
Flex (I keep receipts from things I put on our Flex Spending, yada yada)

So far so good! Now I try to file things in my Top 12 immediately...that way when I need it, I know where to find it.
My 2012 Notebook. I started this trend two years ago with the black notebook below. It was a 3-subject notebook that I wanted to keep track of everything in. I was sick of random lists everywhere and never knowing where I wrote something down. Or, not knowing which notebook it was in. I used to have several going. Now, I keep one master notebook, and try to put everything in there! (I'm still a post-it junkie but I try to put my post-its in my notebook) My last notebook lasted 2 years. My new notebook is a are my sections:

Lists/Gift Ideas/Entertaining
Notes from Books and Bible time (I always take notes when I read!)
Tiffany Layne Fashion

I love Notebooking!

Last years "notebook".

Garden planning...

Whooops! I put that one in twice...I just deleted it...the other photo that I was going to show was a sketch page for my sewing (Tiffany Layne Fashion)...but I don't know how to load the photo into the middle of the page....

My list making pages.

So...I plan on keeping these notebooks as a way of looking into a journal. I'm more of a list maker, so this kind of journaling works better for me. I am loving my new notebook!

Have fun getting organized in 2012...if that's your thing.

XOXO Tiffany

"Simplification of outward life is not enough". Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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