Friday, February 24, 2012

My Top Three for the Week

Last week my High School Sweetie mentioned to me that he was working on his "Top 3" for his boss. On Sunday evenings, he sends his boss the top three things that he is going to focus on for the week. I kind of get excited about this kind of I told him that I would like to do that too! So, the last two weeks I have sent my High School Sweetie my Top 3 for the week. If I send it to him, I feel more accountable, plus, if he knows my goals for the week, he can help! This Top 3 were:

1. Prime and paint kitchen trim around sliding glass door and small wall

2. Patch red paint and hang curtain rod

3. Start curtains

So...I only hoped to start these babies...but when I get it in writing, I am on a mission! I actually finished the curtains!

I love the frayed white denim on the reminds my of white denim cut-offs from the '80's. I added the top mini-ruffle at the last minute b/c the curtains looked a bit too "clean". They needed something I dug through my scraps and found this fabric that I had used in my other Ruffle Curtains.

Yep...lots of me standing at the ironing board.
Here they are! They're along the same wall as my other Ruffle Curtains...I was designing these right up until the morning of...and also while adding the finishing touches. I was originally going to do the same white denim as in the other curtains...but as I looked at it, it was just going to be too much white along that wall. As I bopped around Pinterest...I knew that I needed a print. Then, I remembered that I had bought of bunch of this animal print a while back. I headed out to my garage storage supply of fabric...searched for a step stool...froze...and found the storage tub labeled "handbag". And, there she was! Animal Print! I brought her in and played around a bit...pinned up some white ruffle...and that was it. I knew what I was going to do.

I got the idea for the metal curtain ring/clips on Pinterest, too. These curtains needed to be functional...I knew the kids would be sliding them back and forth as needed, and I wanted it to be easy for them. Oh, these clips. A bit tough to track down. Mostly b/c I wanted them from the same line as my curtain rod. That's a whole long story that I won't bother you with.

Here they are keeping out some of that southern sun. Normally, I'll just let that sunshine in...but when the kids are working on their schoolwork...or when we've got people over and we're trying to eat and we actually have to pick up the kitchen table and move it to the family room...they will really come in handy. (true story from my Christmas Eve Brunch).

I just love how they pool in the corner, out of the way, yet handy when I need them! I wanted these curtains to be a nuetral...b/c I'm not sure how long I'll have my Barn Red kitchen.

Here is the "before" shot of the sliding glass door. (Ooh, this was before our big snowfall!)

This is after I primed and painted the woodwork...and after I touched up the red.

This is the little spot across the room from the sliding glass door that I primed and painted. I didn't patch the red paint on this pillar-like thing, b/c that is going to get primed and painted white...this may be in next weeks Top 3.


This is a little project that I was working on while I was waiting for my curtain ring/clips. I was held up b/c I couldn't finish the hem of my curtains without knowing how far down they would hang on those rings. So, I started a little patchwork skirt project. More on this later!

Well, I better get that laundry started (my Friday job) and then I need to pick up donuts (we usually have them on Saturday mornings, but the girls have swim finals and can't eat donuts beforehand...we know this b/c we've done it before and didn't get great results), and then we need to start school. Another busy weekend is ahead of us...filled with swim finals, church, ice fishing, a birthday party, and a soccer game. I hope you have a great one!

XOXO Tiffany

"After dinner, I folded clothes and moved another load through the dryer. Unfortunately, it was the kind of job that only keeps hands busy. My mind definitely had too much free time, and it was getting out of control". Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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