Monday, February 20, 2012

The Shoe Project

This "little" shoe project came about quite by accident.
On my list last week was to "clean out the main level hall closet". Which, led me to shoes...which led me to gather all my shoes in the house and take a peek.

Turns out, I only had shoes in the main level closet, and here, in my upstairs closet.

Here are my shoes all gathered together in my bedroom. I have never considered myself a "shoe horse". I was always more of a "coat horse". I loved vintage/fur coats! I have since given up that was more fun to have all those coats before kids, when I actually left the house everyday and got to go downtown to work. They all got a lot of use. After having kids, not so much. I still like cute coats, but a couple are fine. All that to say, I was appalled at my pile of shoes...and I'm sure tons of you have more, and probably some of you have less. I encourage you to gather them up and see!

I sorted my pile into Boots...

(I found it odd that I have 6 pairs of black boots...and of course, the one pair I thought of getting rid of was the animal print...I LOVE those boots, but I also have a black pair of rain boots, and I just wear them more. I decided to keep the "animals" for another year and see what I think. Had to keep my North Face boots. The fourth boot from the left is a pair that I got at Goodwill for $3, can't wait to wear those with skirts this spring. The next boot is from NY...I got them back in 1997 and I L.O.V.E them. Next are my sweater I ditched the last boot...tall funky suede boot that is super comfortable...but, someone had to go.)


(I love Chinese Mary Janes...I just ordered Pinky and Blacky (in the middle) from Pearl River (NY China Town) and got them in the mail on Valentine's Day. The two on the right, I love, but are a size too small...and the far left of a Steve Madden ballet shoe that I got for $3 at Goodwill...I gave those 3 to Daisy and just kept the two new ones. I wish I could get another pair with the embroidered flower!)


(MN summers are short! I wore all these shoes last summer, but I am only keeping the pink Land's End flip flops, and the black mary jane Crocs.)


(Here...I only kept #2...the cork bottom wedge with the bling buckle. #1 and #3 are about 15 years old from back in my working days (I worked in the buying office at Daytons, now Marshall Fields, in junior shoes). #4 is a super comfy wedge sandal, but I'm done with it.


(MN winter's are long! I kept 3 of these, but really two would have been fine. Next year I'll go through these again. )

Tennis Shoes...

(I wear shoes in the house everyday. I feel faster in shoes. My new obsession are Converse. Love, love, love them. All 4 of those have been bought in the last year. And, I love my New Balance runners. I had to get rid of my Liz Claiborne pinkies...I really like those shoes, but the soles are super heavy and my feet hurt after wearing them for awhile.).

After sorting my shoes into types...I was able to really decide what was staying and what was going. I started off with 31 pairs of shoes...after throwing away an old pair of slippers, giving 3 pairs of shoes to Daisy (we're the same shoe size), and donating 8 pairs...I was left with 19 pairs of shoes/boots/slippers etc.

19 pairs of shoes seems like more than enough for one girl. Though, Minnesota does have 4 that averages to about 5 pairs of shoes per season. I am already spying 3 pairs that could get the "boot" after this year. I was also thinking about this...if I had to pack up and move immediately, what 3 shoes would I take with me? I went for function over style, and chose:

New Balance Minimus Runners

Black Mary Jane Crocs

North Face Boots

Let me know if you do the Shoe Project in your home! Now, I would like to do this for each of my kids and my High School Sweetie. I really had fun with it!

I'm off to hop on the treadmill...have a great Monday!

XOXO Tiffany

"...we have the luxury of choice between simplicity and complication of life". Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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