Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow in Minnesota!

We finally got some snow! I live in Minnesota...I like snow. If I didn't like snow...I wouldn't live here. This has been the craziest, driest, greenest, brownest winter I can ever remember. I don't like those last three adjectives when describing my Minnesota Winter. The first adjective, yes...that one is a typical description. The girls and I were coming home from swim team on Monday night, and it was snowing. We were so excited, but we didn't expect it to continue and we didn't expect there to be anything left on the ground come Tuesday morning. That's just the kind of winter we've had.
Tuesday morning...there was a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground!

My deck furniture with a lovely white table cloth and comfy looking seat cushions.

The kids hurried through their morning school work and were begging to get out into the white stuff. Regarding shoveling the snow, our rule is, if you can beat dad out to the driveway for shoveling, you will get paid. We don't ask or force the kids to shovel...they really love to do it and they certainly love to get paid. Plus, by beating dad out there, it's kind of like a game. They hustled out and shoveled the whole driveway. This stuff was wet and heavy!

Dad came out for inspection a bit later and snow-blowed the end of the driveway where the snow plow had left a big mountain of heavy snow. The kids started their forts and tried to dodge the snow shooting out of the blower.

They came back in a while later and had a snack and finished up their schoolwork.

Then, it was off to Yaya and Poppy's house (my parents) to do their driveway. They are on vacation and they like to have their driveway done. The kids couldn't wait to get, Yaya and Poppy pay more than mom and dad.

A job well done.

After this project...they grabbed their sleds and headed for the big snow hill in my parents cul-de-sac. Then, it was off to the sledding hill by our house for more sledding. Now, I probably should have been out there with the kids, sledding, getting exercise, and having fun...but mama decided to bring along some chai tea and her Twilight book. Dreamy. A wonderful afternoon spent in a warm car, with my seat warmers on, and peeking up now and then to see my kids having a blast. See, while I say I love snow...I prefer to view it from a window, while I'm all warm and cozy. Though, I have spent many an afternoon shoveling and sledding with the kids, this was not one of those afternoons:).

I can't wait to get my Sewing Wednesday started! More curtains. I have already pre-washed and pre-cut all my the fun begins. I was going to do more white curtains like I did in my family room...but, as I was looking at it, I was thinking it was just going to be too much white. So, I opted for a pattern. Oooh! Hoping to be done with these by Friday...

XOXO Tiffany

"That had always been my way, though. Making decisions was the painful part for me, the part I agonized over. But once the decision was made, I simply followed through - usually with relief that the choice was made". Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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