Monday, March 12, 2012

Crescent Breakfast Ring

My mom had given me 2 cans of Pillsbury Crescent rolls before they left on their winter vacation. The only thing that I really make with crescent rolls are my Chicken Crescent Squares...yeah, that's a good one! I'll share that one another time. But, while I was bopping around on Pinterest last week...I saw this: Crescent Breakfast Ring. This led me to one blog, and that lady found it on another blog and so on and so forth. I found a couple of versions of this little guy and I decided to make my own version with what I had on hand. We LOVED this Crescent Breakfast Ring! We actually had it for Sweetie wasn't super excited about the salad with it, but, we've gotta have our greens! And, I thought it made it kind of "Brunchy" like. Here's what I did...
Crescent Breakfast Ring
I took out my pizza pan and traced and cut out parchment paper to fit, then sprayed the parchment with non-stick spray. I opened the 2 cans of crescent rolls and placed them around the pan in a ring, with the tips of the triangle pointing to the outside.
Then, I scrambled 8 eggs with 4 chopped scallions and placed these around the ring.
Then, I shredded up some Colby Longhorn Cheese (our favorite cheese for everything!!!) and sprinkled that on top of the eggs. I microwaved 7 Jones Sausage Links (from Costco...also a favorite)...sliced these in half the long way, and placed them around the ring like spokes. Last step...fold in the tips of the crescent and bake at 375 for 18 minutes.

I mean...really! So good! I checked on this little baby every 5 minutes or so and I turned my pan about halfway through the cooking process. My oven seems to cook things quicker toward the back, so I always give things a spin.

It's just so pretty! And, so easy!

So...I was going to combine this post with my (awesome) weekend away...but I decided to do two posts today. The kids are on Spring Break, so I've got a little extra time on my hands. Wow...I can't believe I just said that! Sweetie and I spent the weekend in Minneapolis, and, can I just was pretty amazing. I'll post that shortly! Have a fabulous Monday!!!

XOXO Tiffany

"Joy comes in the morning". Psalms 30:5

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