Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Good Morning! We've been having a good time this week bringing a little "green" into our lives in honor of St Patrick's Day. I've got three little things to share today...

1. A little craft I did on my porch

2. An amazing Mint Brownie recipe

3. A Shamrock Shake recipe

We have had this little duckie on our porch for about 13 years. We got it as a Christmas gift from Matt's boss at the time...he was less than thrilled...I absolutely loved it! This little duckie is weathered, but still so cute. I dress her up in a holiday bow all year round. Every St Patrick's Day she gets this little green bow, you know the kind of ribbon that comes on a spool for like $1. I was thinking...duckie needs a change.

So...I rooted through my fabric scraps and pulled out anything that was green. I had cotton, satin, flannel, chiffon... Then, I (roughly) trimmed the fabric into 15" x 2" strips. I grabbed a hair binder and tied them to it.

Then, I went out to the porch and gave duckie a new neck piece. I think she looks kind of cute:).

Something that I do EVERY March, is make these Chocolate Mint Brownies. My girlfriend, Kelly, made these years ago, and I couldn't ask for the recipe fast enough. Nobody knows desserts like my girl Kelly. It is outrageously yummy!

Chocolate Mint Brownies
1 pkg brownie mix for 9 x 13 pan
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp peppermint extract
8 tbsp butter, soft
1 tbsp milk
Green food coloring
1 cup chocolate chips
6 tbsp butter

Prepare brownies according to package directions (I always under-cook them slightly). Cool completely. Mix next 5 ingredients. Spread over brownies. Refrigerate for ½ hour. Melt chocolate chips and butter together and drizzle over brownies. Store in refrigerator.

I try to slice them before the final refrigeration...otherwise the chocolate drizzle gets funky.

We also make a Shamrock Shake every year! You couldn't get me to drive through a McDonald's drive-through for anything...and for this, why would you? So easy!

Shamrock Shake

In a blender, add Ice Cream, Milk, Mint Extract, and green food coloring. Blend and enjoy!

Have a great weekend! We need to go bike shopping for the kids...they needed new bikes last year but we never got around to in the fall, we donated their bikes so that we would be forced to get out there. It worked. Hoping we can find something!

XOXO Tiffany

"All around were alps and grassy meadows almost smothered in flowers. Little streams gurgled and splashed between banks of king cups, while buttercups and cowslips, violets and pink primulae carpeted the ground. Clumps of delicate purple soldanella grew in vivid clusters, and all over the fields, glowing bright as gems, were gentians, more blue than the sky at midday, looking like jewels on a royal robe". Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard


  1. Sounds like a well spent week! I hope you find some bikes! Let's go for a ride together when you do:)

  2. It's been a wonderful week...but we sure have missed you guys!!! Thanks for the awesome postcard! Let's definitely plan a bike ride together...soon!