Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sewing Wednesday...A couple projects from last week

" Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Nature hums when morning comes along!"

Oh, sorry...that's a song that I love to sing in the mornings...I could totally go on and sing the whole thing, but that might be really scary. Did anyone else have the Shirley Temple Sing-A-Long VHS tape for "their kids" when they were little? Daisy got that as a gift and I...whoops, we absolutely loved it! Little Shirley Temple bopping around singing these adorable songs. I used get my kids up in the morning singing that little song to them. (it probably drove them nuts, but I always got a little smile) In case you're curious...the next lines are:

"Day's Dawning!

Stop Yawning!

And begin to join me in my song!"

This song is called "Early Bird" it...I bet there's a youtube out there too! Just so cute.

Well, as you can see, I finished my little spring/summer hat last week! I really had wanted a worn out black hat...but MJ didn't have any old worn out black pants, so I cut off his hole-y dark khakis and got to work. It was so funny, b/c he was wearing his new khaki cargo cut-offs and I was wearing my new khaki hat...we matched. Heehee.

Um, I don't like modeling things for pictures. I don't mind being in a picture with someone else or a group...totally fine...but I feel like a complete moron "trying" to look all cool to model one of my hats or skirts or headbands. Matt has been a doll and has taken many staged pics of me...the kids, too, have played along. But, this day, I just didn't feel like asking anyone to take pictures of me. Is this weird...or normal? So, there I stood, when the house was quiet, turned that flash off, and snapped away in front of the mirror. You should see the ridiculous rejects! The first one was taken in the natural lighting in our entry way...the second in my main floor natural light. Anyhoo...I am loving my new hat!

"Early Bird...up at break of day

Early Bird...kiss the dark away

Early birdies always catch a worm or two!

So don't be late, you've got a date

the worms awaitin' you"
Here she is on the work table.
A little surprise lining!
I ended up not having enough time to work on my little patchwork skirts last I decided to tackle a lamp redo project. The wall behind the lamp is a work in progress. I'm planning on doing a whole collage of pictures and mirrors. Just haven't had the time to work on it. But, I knew that I wanted to take the eye lash fringe off this lamp and wanted to add a little ruffle.
I felt like I was sheering a sheep while trimming this stuff!
Then, the part I usually like the most...picking the fabric. Well, I have almost completely exhausted my gold/yellow fabric stash from all my curtain projects. I really wanted to use the gold gingham...nope not enough. I also wanted to use this yellow floral (not pictured), nope, not enough. So, in my quest to just use what I have, I used the white with gold flowers.
The hot glue gun attachment process.
Here she is.
I like her, but I don't love her. I'm almost thinking that since I used such a light color in the fabric ruffle, that I need to spray paint the base of the lamp white. I'm not sure yet what I'll do...just kind of living with it for awhile, but you might see that project down the road.
I just love this little seating area.

"Sleepy heads, never see the sun

Stay abeds, always miss the fun

Whistle in the morning....

Send the worm a warning...

Sleepy head, tumble out of bed

Be a little early bird!"

Today...I'm hoping to work on patchwork skirts. I'd like to find the design that just works and make up a few for Etsy. Speaking of Etsy...a little slow lately. Maybe that's just spring. Maybe it's my stuff. Maybe I don't list new stuff often enough. Maybe it's that Etsy is so stinkin' saturated with every handmade artist around the world that my stuff is just not seen. Part of it for sure is that I haven't given Etsy any time lately...I've really been enjoying sewing for myself and my home lately. I would love to just come up with one key item for my etsy shop and just keep it stocked with that. I just can't decide what that would be.

Here I go!


"First things first. Your business is life, not death. Follow me. Pursue life". Jesus speaks in Matthew 8:22 in the Message Bible

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