Monday, March 12, 2012

A Weekend to Remember...

Have you ever felt like you and your spouse are "ships in the night"? People, in general, are so crazy busy these's a bit ridiculous. I won't even go into detail about all the things we have going on right now...I know you've got your own list, and there's no need for us to compete! Heehee. Back in December (oh, speaking of crazy!), I read a post on one of my favorite blogs...Poor Pitiful Pearl...and I could totally relate! I immediately went to the site...A Weekend to Remember...and found out when this conference would be in my area...I chatted with my husband...and I booked it! Oh, and then I saw if the grandparents could help out with the kids. We are blessed to have both sets of grandparents live so close! The weekend was fabulous...there were some amazing speakers and I think we both walked away more knowledgeable and better equipped and completely inspired to work at having the best marriage that we can have. Here is a glimpse at our was first and foremost about our marriage...but a close second was the food.
We left the house on Friday around 4:30pm and drove toward Minneapolis. It's only a 30 minute drive and we stopped for dinner at one of my favorite places...French Meadow Bakery and Cafe. I had a gorgeous chai tea with coconut milk while we waited for our meal. I got their Fettuccine Bolognese and Matt got their pan-fried Walleye Sandwich. Then, we each treated ourselves to something out of their bakery case. I can't tell you how happy I was to start off our weekend at French Meadow!

Check out that view! One of the perks to Matt traveling so often, is that he racks up hotel rewards points. He is currently a Marriot Gold member...which means that when he travels...he gets free upgrades if they are available. Needless to say, we got an executive suite up on the 29th floor of the Marriot City Center. We had two full walls of windows. The views were outstanding. The tall building up the right hand side is the IDS.

This is the view out the other wall of windows. That's Target Field (where the MN Twins play) in the center back and the Target Center (white...where the Timberwolves play) in the front left of the field.

Here is one of the walls of windows.

The sunrise over the city.

THE most amazing breakfast I have ever eaten!!! If I am ever again downtown for breakfast...I am going to the Marriot City Center's breakfast buffet. I'm telling you...outstanding. We ate there both mornings. There was an omelet bar...I got a spinach, mushroom, green pepper, red onion, bacon omelet...why am I not making these every morning? Oh my goodness (I almost inhaled the whole thing before I thought to get a picture). Then, like that wouldn't have been enough food for a normal morning...oh no, I had a bowl of the best cottage cheese I have ever eaten, topped with pineapple and blueberries. I also had some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and some coffee with cream and sugar. Plus, a banana for the road. Seriously, outstanding. I got the same exact thing both days.

Here's Sweetie...I think he got the same exact breakfast two days in a row too. He does 2 eggs over easy (from the omelet guy), toast, bacon, bowl of fresh fruit, OJ, a banana muffin, and a banana for the road. I think I got it all. He was starting to get a little annoyed with me and all my "pictures of food"...but by the end of the weekend, he was like, "did you get a picture of that"? Heehee. I just really appreciate good food. Especially when I don't have to cook it!

Here is my new t-shirt! I am a super lucky lady to get to spend my life with this guy. Is it perfect? Neeewwww (fancy "no"). We've got problems just like the rest of y'all. I'm just so happy that I have a guy that is willing to work through those not-so-perfect times.

Sneaking in some reading time in my new animal print jeans!!! I saw these babies on Pinterest and would not rest until they were mine.

We managed to squeeze in a few games of Cribbage over the weekend. Unfortunately, I only won 1 out of 3.

We ate lunch on Saturday at the Oak Grill on the 12th floor of Macy's. This place is so fabulous. It has probably been 12 years since I have eaten at the Oak Grill...(or the Oak Room as we used to call it when I worked in the buying office at Daytons, which became Marshall Fields, which became Macy's).

I couldn't believe my luck when the hostess sat me down right next to the fireplace! I love fireplaces...I love to be warm. And, I just found out that this little fireplace was transported from England and is over 300 years old! I should have turned my flash off for this photo because it really was so dark and warm and cozy there. And, I'm a huge fan of their massive red chandeliers.

They're known for their popovers. Yes please.

Matt and I split the Chicken Pot Pie and a Caesar Salad. Perfect.

Just a little room left for their Key Lime Jar. This did not disappoint and was worth every little itty bitty calorie.

Not only did we get the sunrise...but we also got the sunset. They leave Saturday evening open for "date night". They're so smart.

This is a touch embarrassing...but we've had a $100 gift certificate to Murray's Steak House in our pocket for 3 years. Yep...we need to get out more.

A candle light dinner.

The best calamari!

Another Caesar's my Sweetie's favorite.

A 28 oz porterhouse steak (which we split) and some macaroni and cheese. Heaven.

Cheesecake. Mmmm Hmmm.

So, we had an awesome little dinner...but, funny story. Matt took a picture of us with his phone and posted it on Facebook...well, the angle was such that the drapes looked like he was wearing a giant turban. We really didn't notice it until a friend commented on the "giant turban" and we laughed hysterically for the rest of the night. Seriously...that was awesome. I'm still giggling.

Love those sky ways.

Our walk to the restaurant.

I really love being's probably the one thing I miss from my working days. Though it was good to get back to my sweet little suburban life. I would love it if every married couple that I know would attend one of these conferences. Being married is not the easiest thing in the world, that's for sure. It takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes it's hard to make the time, but when we do, we are never disappointed.

XOXO Tiffany

"She always hated guys who fussed over her with fancy dates to Boston including five-star restaurants and valet parking...they were predictable, insincere, and boring". The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood

"When you love someone, you do not love them all the time, in exactly the same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is even a lie to pretend to. And yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in the ebb and flow of life, of love, of relationships". Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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