Sunday, April 1, 2012

Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream

This is one of those things that came about in my quest for more natural products. I blogged a bit about it here. For awhile, I just applied coconut oil straight out of the jar...and then on Pinterest I saw that someone had whipped it. I couldn't wait to try it!

**Update...I updated this post here with my current method. (3/2015)  Enjoy!
Here are my ingredients:

Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Capsules
Vanilla Essential Oil

You could make it with just the Coconut Oil if you wanted...the first time I made it, I added the Vitamin E capsules (just snip the edge and squeeze it into the mixer). The second time I made it I added the Vanilla Essential Oil. I added about 4 drops but I think I will add a little bit more next time. Though, I do love the coconut smell all on its own!
So, what I do is put about 1 cup of Coconut Oil (I just eye-ball it) into my Kitchen aide stand mixer with the whisk attachment. I turn it on to about a medium speed and let it go. After a few minutes, I add in the Vitamin E capsules...and then I added about 4 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil. Let it whip a bit longer. I think mine went for about 8-10 minutes. Once it looks like frosting, take it out and transfer it into small glass jars. The one cup becomes about 2 cups when you are finished. Coconut oil is sensitive to will get runny if it is too just keep it in a cool-ish place. Mine does well on my bathroom counter. You will still have little bits of hard coconut oil even after you have whipped will melt into your warm skin if you give it a minute and I think those bits are such a great exfoliater! This is the only product that I use on my face, lips, and skin. Our bodies absorb what we put on them so I like to know exactly what that is! No more Bath and Body Works for me! Too many random ingredients on their labels!
Check out The Coconut Oil Miracle (either at Amazon or your library!) for all the crazy health benefits of using this natural product!

I hope you get some coconut oil and whip this concoction up for yourself! Look for Virgin (un-refined) Organic Coconut Oil.

Happy Friday!!!

I get to go on a "date" with my little dude today!!! We're so excited! And, he's easy...he just wants to bring his little wad of cash to the Lego isle at Target and then sit with me in the cafe and have a little snack while we chat and ooh and aah over his latest purchase. Love my little hunk.


"The removal of excessive dead skin and the strengthening of underlying tissues are two of the key advantages to using coconut oil as a skin lotion". The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife


  1. Ok so last question about the coconut oil hehe :) where do you buy your oil from? And I have seen a range of prices online what is a good price to spend on the oil?

  2. Hey Brittany! (I can't figure out how to "reply" to your comment so that you get the email...) Anyway...I hope you get this! My mom did a ton of research on Coconut Oil and she liked this site/product the best:
    They usually have buy 1 get 1 sales...but they are still expensive. You could always start with a coconut oil from your grocery store (baking isle) and see what you think. Then, if you get to the point where you are ready to make an investment, buy some of the Tropical Traditions. Good luck Brittany!

  3. I wonder if I could use an electric hand mixer since I do not have a dough mixer. I've been using coconut oil/butter for the last three years after a bath but your whipped oil looks more appealing. I have lavender essential oil on hand. Thanks for the tip.
    Karen A.

  4. Hi Karen! I still can't "reply". Ugg. I'm sure you can use a hand's just like whipping up cream! Mmmm...the lavender sounds wonderful.