Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!

 On oldest turned 11.  We had a little family party for her on Sunday.
 My kids always get to plan the menu for their birthday...and whenever I ask my kids what they want for their cake/dessert...they NEVER pick cake!  (Much to my mother's dismay!)  So...Daisy wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies and that's what she got.  She wanted a blue and yellow theme (in honor of her soccer team).
 We also made homemade ice cream (oh my goodness!) with my new little ice cream maker...I got it for $47 on purchase ever.  Yum. 

And, her favorite meal is Taco we did a Make-Your-Own-Taco-Salad-Bar.
 Oh...she gets a little shy when all eyes are on her:).  But, I think she secretly likes it.
After gift opening (she asked for Legos and $...and that is what she got) she turned around to total up her stash...all I could see were those dirty little feet on my white chair.  My kids run the neighborhood in their bare feet...I don't know...I guess there are worse things.

Have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter (we'll be going to my parents house)!!!  I think I'll share my Auntie Lynnie's Eggroll recipe on Monday...whoa, they're good!


"Judas, the one who betrayed him, realized that Jesus was doomed.  Overcome with remorse, he gave back the thirty coins to the high priests, saying, "I've sinned.  I've betrayed an innocent man."  Matthew 27:3-4 in the Message Bible

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