Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sewing Wednesday...Patchwork Skirts

Hi guys!  I've been working on patchwork skirts lately.  I really love patchwork.  I'm trying to come up with the perfect skirt pattern using patchwork.  I figure this could be a great way to use up some fabric, too.  I love buying fabric, but lately I just can't justify it because of the excess that I already have.  Well, maybe I could justify it, but Matt can't.  So, I'm trying to come up with little ideas of things that I can make with patchwork.  My first skirt (above) turned out pretty good, but it is a little too gathered at the waist.
So, I made this little purple number and I varied the amount of squares in each row.  I think this one is definitely a better fit.  Hmmm...I'm still deciding where to go with this.  I'll have to continue this project later...because today I am going to work on neck ties for Easter!  Matt agreed to wear a peach tie on Easter Sunday...MJ did not agree but I get to use a trump card every now and then and Easter Sunday is definitely one of those times that I like to use it.  I'll show you how those turned out next week!

Have a great day!


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