Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sewing Wednesday...Ties for my Guys

 We all wore a little bit of Tiffany Layne Fashion for Easter this year.  My skirt was from last summer and the girls each picked a couple of the Pillowcase Skirts that I made this spring.  When I was figuring out our Easter outfits...I pulled the peach skirt for Lulu and the gray and white striped one for Daisy...that determined our color pallet.  I grabbed my gray and white zebra skirt from last summer...but when I looked at Matt's tie collection, he didn't have peach (doesn't surprise me!) or gray!  I had to get permission from him if he would wear a "peach" tie.  He said, "sure".  MJ, however, hates wearing ties...or anything else resembling dress clothes.  So, I gave him an option..."would you like to wear a neck tie or a bow tie"?  He picked a bow tie.  However...He would not wear his bow tie to church on Sunday morning...nor would he wear his new jean shorts that I bought him.  So, he wore his "holy" jeans and his dress shirt un-buttoned.  I didn't mind.  Matt was more upset than I was about the bow tie.  We saw two guys at church wearing bow ties!  I think MJ wished he had his on...but, probably not.  He promised to wear it at Yaya and Poppy's for the picture.  And, not a moment sooner.
Don't those boys look cute in their "light orange" ties???

Gotta run...almost didn't get this post in today!  I'll be back on Friday chatting about who knows what.

The kids and I did a Nature Walk today down by the Crow River which is only a mile from our much fun!  I promised that we would do it every Wednesday.  The day flew by though and I still haven't sewn anything!  I'd better get busy...It's almost dinner time.


"Oh, for cryin' in the beer cheese soup!"  From the movie New In Town

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