Monday, April 2, 2012

Some things we ate last week...

I'm going to share a couple of our dinners from last week...these aren't really "recipes", just kind of throwing things together...using what we have.
I had a few strips of bacon leftover from a Breakfast for Lunch that we had, and I was craving Loaded Baked Potatoes! So, I ran over to Marketplace and grabbed 3 Baking Potatoes. All I did was scrub them clean, dry them, pierce them all over with a fork, rub them with olive oil and then sprinkled them with some kosher salt. Then, I placed them on a pan and baked them at 375 for about 80 minutes.
I fried up some bacon and then I also pan fried some chicken tenders (with olive oil and salt and pepper) for the side.

Here is our list of toppings:
salt and pepper
shredded cheese
sour cream
avocado's mine.  I just used butter, salt and pepper, bacon and avocado.

Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her plate for my blog.  She made hers just like mine but added some cheese and a little chicken on the side.

Not all of us had chicken with our potatoes...they were pretty filling!  So, the next day I decided to make a chicken salad.

I filled a big bowl with baby organic spinach and used my salad chopper (photo below) to chop it up.

This is a great way to consume more spinach.  When the spinach is whole, you feel like you are eating so much!  But, when you chop it up, I think I can get my kids (and husband) to eat 3 times as much spinach!

Here is my handy dandy salad chopper from OXO.  It came with the above bowl for making chopped salads.  I think salads are so much easier to eat when everything is chopped up so that it fits nicely on your fork. 

I threw in our chopped chicken, some shredded cheese, some craisens, and then tossed it with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

It was yummy!  Lucy and I topped ours with avocado.  We've been sharing an avocado everyday b/c we bought a big bag of them at Costco.
Something screwy happened with my Friday Post...I had prepared that post as a "draft" b/c I knew what I was going to do ahead of time.  Usually I just sit down and throw something together.  Well, when I went to "Post" it, apparently I didn't change the date to Friday's Date and so it was posted as the date that I created the draft on.  Which was before my Wednesday post.  So, it was kind of buried.  Always learning something new!  Sorry for the confusion!

Happy Holy Week!!!


"He Knew...
He Wept...
He Went Anyway"
Pastor Dave preaching out of Matthew 21 on Palm Sunday
"And it makes makes me want to sing "Hosanna""

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