Friday, May 11, 2012


This is just a little shot of how I spend my mornings.  Cup of chai tea...a great book...paper and pencil (where'd the pencil go?).
We had the best clouds ever on Tuesday.  These pictures were taken on my deck, but when I was driving MJ to his baseball game, we were just in awe at the clouds!  I said, "MJ, I think I'd better pull over and get a picture of these amazing clouds".  He agreed.  I pulled off on a country road and snapped some shots.  Those are on my little camera that I keep in my handbag...and I haven't downloaded them yet.  This first picture is of the skies to the east. 
 This is a shot of skies to the south.
 This is what it looked like in the west. 
The kids and I are road-tripping today down to the Mall of America (50 minutes south-east).  Now, typically, I avoid that place like the plague...but we will be down there visiting my cool Auntie Nancy and her kids.  I will also get to go spend a little time with my Grandma Max (turning 88 this month).  When I talked to her on the phone yesterday, she asked if we had any snow up here...oh, what a sweetie.  I think it was like 72 degrees in Minnesota yesterday.  I can't wait to sit and chat with her!  So, when we head south of the river (Minnesota River, that is), we make a little stop into the Lego Shop at the MOA.  Get me in and get me out...I don't know when malls became so offensive to me.  Oh, we are also going to do Sea Life!  Should be a fun day!

XOXO Tifany

"We have a God who sees and cares and notices.  He will not come undone.  He remains un-overwhelmable".  Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman

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