Friday, May 25, 2012

Tiffy's Top Ten...Things to do this Summer...May 2012

Good Morning!  I got up at 4:39am (hit my 9-minute snooze once), checked my emails, sorted 7 loads of laundry and got a load started, read my Bible with my morning it's 6am and I'm sitting down to write a post. I knew a few months ago that my May Top Ten post would be about summer.  I am totally ready for summer!  On Monday, Sweetie and I (and the kids) spent about 5 hours putting this trampoline together.  The kids liked the 3 "boat" boxes almost as much as they liked the trampoline...isn't that how it goes?  You could just run to the grocery store and get the kids a box.  But, seriously...hours upon hours spent on this trampoline.  Plus, it provides a wonderful shady spot underneath for picnics!
 Here's my Top Ten!

Tiffy's Top Ten Things to do this Summer:
1.  Go on picnics...with a picnic basket.
2.  4:30am...I would still like to get up at 4:30...if I can be good about making a little "to do" list the night before, getting up isn't a problem.
3.  8-10am...Kids work time.  I am going to have the kids continue to work on math and piano all well as reading time.  They will also have a little household project to do each morning.  I like them to get their stuff done right away in the morning, because once they're off and running, it's tough to reign them back in!  And, though they won't admit it, they really do better with some structure.
4.  Garden with the kids!  The kids each got their own 4' x 4' garden box this summer.  They are so proud of their gardens!  They check them every day and watch for sprouts.  They each got a couple of plants...but then the rest of their garden is seeds.  This week their beans started shooting through!
5.  Farmer's Markets!  I would like to take the kids to several Farmers Markets this summer.  So many to choose from...I'd like to try several and pick a couple of favorites.  Top on my list are:  the Buffalo Farmers Market, the Mpls farmers market, and the Mill City (mpls) farmer's market.  I would also like to take the kids to the Nicollet Mall (mpls) farmers market on a Thursday afternoon.  I used to love that one when I worked downtown!
6.  Continue to eat "real" food.  We're doing well with this, but the kids have their moments.  The other day Daisy said, "Oh, why can't we have Goldfish anymore?!?!  MJ said, "Because they're processed".  Ha!  They know the reasons, but it can still be tough sometimes.  I wish I had known what I know now when they were babies.  But, overall, I think they are enjoying the way we are eating.  I know I am!
7.  Go strawberry picking...make jam.
8.  Enjoy entertaining in our backyard this summer.  In 5 days we are getting a big 'ole above ground pool installed.  Can't wait!
9.  Nature walks every week.  I'm hoping to continue our Nature I've said before...these are some of my favorite moments spent with my kids.
10.  Thankful Journals.  Last night I gave the kids each a Thankful Journal before bed.  I couldn't believe how well they received them!  They were like kids on Christmas morning!  I gave them their journals with a new sharpened pencil and explained to them what I hoped for these journals.  My sister-in-law gave me "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp for Christmas last year, and as I read it, I thought, the kids and I need to be thankful!  For everything.  For clouds.  For buttered toast.  For sunsets.  For clean laundry.  Ha.  And, for all the obvious things like friends, and family, and God, and our house.  They could hardly wait to get started.  I told them I would like them to write down 5 things they are thankful for each day, and they couldn't repeat any.  They immediately filled their books with 10 things that they were thankful for. 
 I love how Ann Voskamp says, "as long as Thanks is possible, then Joy is possible".  If we can be thankful for what we have, right where we're at (there's always someone with more!), then we can have joy.  And, if we have joy, then we can give.  Of course, we can "give" without being thankful and having joy...but I think it will be more fun, and maybe we can give more abundantly.
 I snapped this shot of my kids through my front door window this week.  I didn't want them to know I was watching them, and I didn't want to disturb their time.  They were on a picnic blanket, in the shade, having a little snack and playing with their "water babies".  While at a friends house recently, they filled big balloons with water and drew faces on them.  They carry them around in blankets and name them and love them.  Strange, but fun.  3 have popped in the house...they are now banned to the garage and outside.
I'm looking forward to a fun Memorial Day Weekend.  We are attending 3 birthday parties!  We'll also head to the lake with friends.  Should be fun!  I am planning on combining work with play this weekend.  I have 3 projects that I would like to get done...I finally got a mirror for above my fireplace, so I would like to get that hung.  I have a curtain rod that needs to be hung outside my sewing studio.  And, I would like to paint the archway that leads from my kitchen to my family room.  I'm hoping to get most of it done today!

I also finished two skirts last night...I'll list them today!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

XOXO Tiffany

"To find the lovely in the ordinary sometimes takes a bit of work, but the more I look for it, the more quickly it shows up".  Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman

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