Wednesday, June 13, 2012

iPhone vs Toddler phone

 I'm one of the last remaining human beings to not have a smart phone.  I'm always a little embarrassed to pull out my phone.  I feel like I need to explain, "my contract isn't up until February 2013"...or, "I don't really use my phone that much".  Oh, brother. 

So, I ran to Lakeshore Learning Store today because I wanted to get their Teacher Planner.  It's the best one I've found, and I've looked at a lot of them!  (the cover is cheesy, but the inside is great!)  The cashier asked me if I would like to text them so that I could receive a free tote.  Should've said, "No, that's all right, I'll pass".  But instead, I said, "sure".  So, I pulled out my Toddler-Looking-Phone and hit the Messaging button.  Then, I thought, "oh shoot...I've never texted someone who's not in my contacts".  I fumbled for a bit...then saw the button Manual Entry...score!  I clicked that, I put in their 5-digit text code, and I clicked Send.  Crumb!!!  I forgot to put the message Lakeshore23 on there!  I told her what I did, she looked at me with pity and told the lady behind me that she could help her in the next lane (while this techno-challenged lady gets her act together...I'm sure she wanted to say).  I sent the text again with the special message...I got the message with the code back from them, I looked up (at the new lady helping me) and said, "I have the code if you need it".  She said, "I think it's already been taken care of".  Oh, OK.  I stuck my little toddler phone back in my purse and I was handed this bag.
All that (embarrassing) work, and I was handed a ridiculous bag that I will NEVER use.  I need to remember to say, "no, that's all right, I'll pass".  Just another item for the Goodwill box.

So, do I really want an iPhone?  It's an extra $60 per month.  I could look super cool, pulling it out and checking my calendar.  I could look up random fun facts.  I could have my shopping list with me at all times.  I could have a touch-screen that is actually current phone is like the original touch screen...slide, slide, slide (with my finger on the screen), nope, it's still not "ending call"...oh well...I'll just throw it in my purse.  Though, maybe with my toddler phone, I am saving time.  I could tell a cashier "no thanks".  I could tell someone that asks if a specific date works, "I don't know, I'll have to check when I get home", and then sit back and relax.  A group of friends and I were chatting the other day, solving the worlds problems one topic at a time, and we were on at least our 3rd or 4th topic when our friend Natalie piped in and said, "Raw honey is as it exists in the beehive without adding heat...and yada yada yada".  We were like, "uh, Nat, that was like 3 topics ago...we've already chatted about swimming pools, homemade flax tortillas, and traveling to Mexico in the time we lost you to your phone".  Ha!  We love Natalie.  I could be that girl, looking up awesome facts about the topic in discussion.  I could tag myself at random places and take sweet photos and post them immediately. 

Or, I could keep my toddler phone and eat some humble pie.  Maybe I should pull it out and be all proud (of the fact that I am saving $60 per month!)...maybe I should read the instruction manual and find out all the cool things that this phone can do.  Maybe I should see how long I can go with this phone.  Maybe I should see what I could do with my extra $60/month.  I don't know...I still may get that iPhone in February.  But that's still 8 months with my hot pink texting phone.  And, to think, just 16 months ago I still had the metallic pink razor phone.  Things move too quickly these days.  To be continued...

Sewing Wednesday...I know it's Sewing Wednesday and I've been making skirts this week!  I'm hoping to finish some more up, take lots of photos, and list them on Etsy.  But, I also need to pack and get organized for our camping trip this weekend.

Have a nice day with your iPhone.

XOXO Tiffany

"Throw yourself wholeheartedly and full-time...into God's way of doing things".  Romans 6:13 in the Message Bible


  1. Not to worry, I'm still using a "toddler phone" -- oh, and I am living even further in the dark ages -- no texting for me! See? You can rest happy in the knowledge that your phone technology is greater than mine!

  2. Ha! I know I'm not the only one! I would totally not have texting right now if it wasn't for my tech-advanced husband. Way to go Lisa!!!