Friday, June 15, 2012

Organizing the kids...

 Hey guys!  A quick post today on a couple of ways that I try to keep my home/kids organized.  I do all my laundry in one day.  Friday.  I gather it up on Thursday evening, and on Friday morning, I sort, start a load, and complete all 5-7 loads of laundry by Saturday morning.  Each load takes about 1 1/2 hours, so I keep a little post-it handy with the time for the laundry to be flipped.  My laundry is in the basement, so it's easy to forget about.  When I flip the loads, I bring the clean/dry load up to the main level, where I fold and sort (the kids help with this).  I bought them each a wicker basket and tied a piece of fabric on so they know which one is theirs.  When the laundry is done, they grab their basket, put away all their clothes (still working on the neatness of this process), and then their basket is empty and ready for next weeks dirty clothes.  (I got the baskets at Joann's...$6 after 40% off coupon)
 My next little handy tip is a checklist for the kids and their sports.  This is handy for you if your kids can't read or pack themselves, but it is extremely handy when your kids can read and pack themselves!  I don't pack my kids bags for their sports.  I don't fill their water bottles.  They are responsible for their own packing and their own forgetting.  How fast they learn when they forget something on their own!  They learn NOTHING if mom forgets to pack it and they just get mad at mom.  Lucy has forgotten her tennis shoes for swim team dry land...she had to wear her flip flops...she hasn't forgotten her shoes again.  My kids are at the age where, on a lot of days, I drop them off at their sports and leave (usually b/c I need to drop or pick up the next kid!), and they don't have cell phones yet (doesn't mean they aren't begging), but sometimes I do get to stay and hang out.  If they have forgotten something, they want me to run home and get it.  No.  I'm not running home, you'll be fine, and I bet you'll remember it next time, and it you don't, you'll live.  Ha!  I love my kids so much I could just gobble them up...but I also love them enough to help them to be independant.
 I have this posted on the bench in our entry way.  I need to add a list for our Nature Walks!
Have a wonderful weekend!  We're off to a camping trip with friends in Grand Rapids.  They're expecting wouldn't be a Miller camping trip without a "little" rain!  Ha!  Eventually our friends are going to stop inviting us. 

XOXO Tiffany

"By simplifying, we protect the enviroment for childhood's slow, essential unfolding of self."  Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

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