Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sewing Wednesday...organizing a space

Last Saturday, we had a free morning.  The first thing on our schedule was a soccer tournament game at 3:30pm.  Wha...what?!?!  We (almost) never get a free Saturday morning.  I started my morning by enjoying my Chai/Bible time.  Then, I was like, "oh my goodness...what do I want to do with my free time?".  I didn't need to spend 2 hours with the kids on their school work...I mean, total free time.  I was walking around "blessing" my house ( anyone?) and I thought, "I know what my project for this week is going to be".  Clean/organize my scrapbook area.  This area is in a corner in my little Sewing Studio, right off the kitchen.  It's really a dream.  So, why do I allow it to look like this? 
 I went over to my "Weekly List" that I print out and added Scrapbook Area to my To Do list for the week.  Then, I went right over and started working on it.  Why wait till Monday?  I got so immersed, that before I new it, I was done!  It was so much fun!  In the past, I have left my scrapbook stuff packed and ready, because the neighbor ladies and I have been scrapping once a month together for years.  Well, we have really been struggling lately to get anything on the calendar, so I thought, until things slow down (ha ha), why don't I just unpack it all and try to scrap at home once in a while?

My first step was to clear out.  Little red vacuum that I never use, moved to a new location.  Ribbons hung on the wall on two old nails that used to hold a calendar, gone.  Then, I started unpacking the bags that were used to haul my stuff, and began organizing the contents.
 What I ended up with was a cute little table that I could actually pull a chair up to!  I used to just bring my project to the kitchen table, but now, I can work on it right here!
 And, work on a project I did.  I sat right down and finished November 2009.  Finishing Nov '09 is kind of a long story...somehow I didn't print the photos for that month, so I had actually moved on from that point and needed to go back and finish it once I finally printed the photos.  Well, I was finally able to complete that book and present it to my kids.  They have been pouring over our scrapbooks ever since.  I only have 3 months left to finish up for 2010 and then I get to start 2011.  Maybe with my new, clean, little desk, I will get caught up! 
You should know...I do very simple scrapbooks.  I used to try to get all wild and crazy with them (like my talented neighbor ladies!), and then a while back, I came to a decision.  "Tiffany (I said), you can't do it all!".  You don't have the time to make "scrapbooking" your thing.  You love to sew and are homeschooling your enjoy a clean don't have any more time in your life for another hobby.  I couldn't give up scrapbooking totally because I knew how important these photos and memories are to my family.  So, I decided to just simplify.  I just use fun papers, and a sticker here and there.  I hand-write my journaling and my tags for where we are.  It is also my goal to not buy any more scrapbooking supplies (only adhesive).  I want to use up what I have.

Pick a space in your house to organize this week!!!

XOXO Tiffany

"One learns first of all in beach living the art of shedding;  how little one can get along with, not how much."  Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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