Friday, July 20, 2012

A Closet Disaster

 My closet was a mess.  I actually took these photos in February so I had a few extra items up top for Easter and the girls spring birthday's, but there is no excuse for it to look like this.
 Last Saturday morning, I came across a new blog...The Minimalist Mom.  I was hooked.  The stuff she was saying about owning two pairs of jeans and leading such a simple life that she never has to say, "I'm so busy!"...I was inspired.  I thought, I know what I am going to do this week...organize the upstairs.  I listed all the rooms/bathrooms/closets that are upstairs and I thought, maybe I can check off two a week.  I thought I would start on Monday.  But, I couldn't wait.  I started digging in.  Making all sorts of piles.  I couldn't stop.  I asked Matt if he would take Daisy to her soccer tournament without me because I wanted to keep cruising.  I wanted to do my bathroom and bedroom too!  Actually, I even got to the hall closet! 
 Do you want to see how it looks????

I think it only took me about an hour...I was on a mission.

I am realizing that I probably only use like 10% of what I store in my closet.  This is a little run down of what I have in my closet (from left to right).

On the top shelf, I have one tub of winter-only clothes and one tub of handbags/backpacks/totes.  I also moved my wrapping paper up there (it was on the floor).  Then, I have extra hangars, and my hanging tops.  Lots of Gap camis, tank tops, and some short/long sleeve tops.  On the bottom shelf (I love this shelf...keeps stuff off the floor for easier vacuuming) I have two tubs of gift bags/tissue paper/ribbons.  (Hoping to keep weeding this stash down).  Then, I have my jewelry boxes and some folded "grubby" clothes.  I kept about 1/10th of my grubby stash.  I mean really, how many "painting" clothes do I need?
 Another view.
 On top I have an Amazon box (Christmas gift for Daisy) and a green tub that holds little gifts that I find.  Two suitcases...I will probably bring my large pink suitcase up here too, now that I have the room.

Hanging are sweatshirts, jean jackets, skirts, leggins, scarves/belts (really weeded these out!  I don't think I've worn a belt in 10 years), some seasonal clothes, some sentimental clothes.

On the bottom shelf, I have boots, a basket of running clothes, a basket of swimsuits, and a white basket of trouser socks/tights/leg warmers.
 On the last wall, these little shelves hold hats, socks and panties, jeans (I kept 3 pairs of jeans that I love, two pairs of shorts...I almost never wear shorts, 1 pair of animal print skinny jeans, and 1 pair of gray sweats.  I usually wear jeans or skirts.  On the bottom shelf are jammies.
I had so much fun with this project.  Now, on to the kids rooms.  Uggg.  They don't like to get rid of stuff.  I actually snuck in and cleared out the first layer and they accidentally saw stuff in bags and started freaking out.  I was like, "you have not worn that stuff...ever!".  They said, "I know, but I want to!".  No.  It's going.  It's just too much work to manage your "stuff".  You should see my donation pile!  It's getting massive.

I better go and pack for our little weekend away...

XOXO Tiffany

"As you decrease the quantity of your child's toys and clutter, you increase their attention and their capacity for deep play."  Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

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