Friday, July 13, 2012

"I'm a little quirky". "A little?!?!"

 I've been struggling a touch with decorating my family room.  I had the pale yellow walls and the white woodwork.  Love.  But adding in the next layer has been tricky.  I got this fabulous avocado green chair at an antique shop (occasional shop...The Corner Shoppe) and I really love it.  I was hoping this room could have just tons of random colors and be all bright and fun.  Turns out I struggle a bit with random colors.  I'm kind of a black/white/animal print/+ one other color type person.  The first three are nuetrals.  When I made my ruffle curtains, I was really drawn to these yellow/gold colors.  While I thought that was fun, it really got me in a color rut.  I've had a hard time committing to another color.  The green chair just kind of hung out in the backround and I was never sure if it would stay.  I was hoping to bring in lavendar...or a robin's egg blue.  It never quite worked for me.  Then, I thought...what if I just go this green?  I have this little white table and chairs (below) that I also got at an occasional shop (Ramshackled Treasures in Zimmerman MN).  I've tried different pieces of fabric on it to see what works...everything felt forced.  Then I grabbed a tablecloth (above) that I had bought at a Thrift Store to use for fabric...I put it on the table and was like...."That's it!".  I have to go with Avocado Green and Gold.  I have a total '70's living room.  I really wasn't hoping to go this route...but I think it just works.
 I've been known to be a little quirky.  Matt has "joked" about this for years (sometimes he jokes about it and sometimes he is truly annoyed).  Certain things need to be done a certain way.  I have strong opinions about random things.  I have a tough time keeping my mouth shut (got that from my mom).  My kids have gotten used to this about me.  But, that doesn't mean it has been easy for them.  The other day, Lulu and I (below) were heading to the library...she was eating a peanut butter cookie.  When she was done, she stretched out with her hands over her head and put her hands on the ceiling of my car.  I said, "ooh...don't get my ceiling all greasy".  She said, "What do you mean greasy?  I was just eating a cookie".  I said, "I know, but there is butter and peanut butter in those.  Look at your shiny fingers".  She was like, "Well, nobody is going to look at your ceiling and say, 'man, you have a greasy ceiling'".  I said, "I know they won't, but I will".  I think she rolled her eyes.  I said, "Sweetie, I'm sorry.  Your Mama is a little quirky".  She said, "A LITTLE"?!?!  With a look that said, 'classic under statement'.  Then we giggled.
Ha!  I get this from my dad.  I think he will totally relate to this story.  I still remember all the random things my dad was "quirky" about.  Here's one...picture road-trip...Mom is behind the wheel...while taking a clover leaf exit, she veers slightly over into the shoulder...uh it comes....Poppy says, "Get out of the shoulder...(while swiping his hand to the side)....there's all kinds of nails and broken glass over there".  I have never looked at shouders the same.  Nails and broken glass.

Have a great weekend!!!  I'll be back on Monday with a recipe:)

XOXO Tiffany

"Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens."  1 Thessalonians 5:16 in the Message Bible

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