Monday, August 13, 2012

A Camping Menu...Part 2

Menu Planning...Camping Style.
I thought I would share our menu from our camping trip.  It really is all about the food.  And, the food really is what makes camping so much work.  I try to prep as much as I can at home, so that when we are camping, it is easy to throw together when the crowd gets hungry.  I cooked and baked for an entire day before the trip.  I made:  1 loaf of bread (whole wheat), 2 loaves of french bread (whole wheat), chocolate caramel bars, lemon poppyseed bread, taco meat, tortillas, veggie/chip dip, and peanut butter.  Now, obviously, you can buy all this stuff and make your life so much easier.  I enjoy cooking/baking, and I like to know exactly what is in the food we are eating, so it is worth it to me!

Here was our 4-Day Menu:
B-Smoothie (at home)
L-cheese and crackers, beef jerkey, fruit/veggies (picnic on the road)
D-grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots/dip, chips

B-Mini Cereal Boxes/milk
L-Ham/cheese/spinach roll-ups (on homemade tortillas spread with dip)
D-Hot Dogs

B-French Toast (french bread)/Lil Smokies/Fruit
L-Peanut Butter/Banana Sandwiches (on french bread)
D-Taco Salad (chips, meat, spinach, salsa, sour cream, cheese)

B-Lemon Poppyseed Bread
L-Little Caesars Pizza (on the road)
D-Camping leftovers...

The treats that I brought were:  Chocolate Caramel Bars and 'smores.

For drinks...I brought:  water bottles (and Mio), milk (for cereal and hot chocolate), and hot chocolate.

For snacks...I brought:  GoGoSqueez (applesauce), kettlecorn, chips/dip, fruit (bananas, grapes, clementines, apples), dried pineapple and cashew bags (for our hikes), tortilla chips/salsa,

Additional items:  butter (for grilled cheese, french toast, and pnut butter sandwiches), eggs (french toast), spinach and sour cream (taco salad), ketchup/mustard/relish (hot dogs).

I have an excel spreadsheet that I use for all our camping trips.  I just list each and every item that we will need for the meals that we will be eating.  For this trip, I also made up individual packing lists for Matt and I and the kids.  This was awesome!  My kids have been packing themselves for our trips for about 2 years now.  But it usually involves the morning of me screaming out kindly telling them...don't forget your swimsuit!  Don't forget a sweatshirt!  Pack your pillow!  This time, I was able to hand them each their list, with "how many" of each item.  I loved this!  And, so did Lucy...she's like me...we love lists.  And, even if your kids can't read or pack themselves...this is super handy for you to have as a mom!  It's just too easy to forget something.  Here is (roughly) what was on each of the kids lists:

Pants/Jeans (2)
Long sleeve shirt (2)
Short sleeve shirt (2)
Shorts (3)
Hat (stocking cap for mornings)
swim suit
PJ's (cold)
PJ's (warm)
Socks (3)
Underwear (3)
Shoes and Flip Flops
Notebook/Nature Journal
Colored Pencils
iPod Touch

I didn't even double check what they packed!  They're at the age where they can easily handle this.  Now, obviously if you need specific outfits, you can help with that.  I look at some of our photos and think, "hmmm...I would have done that differently".  But, at the end of the day, it just doesn't matter.  They get to bring what they are comfortable in and what they like.  BTW...Daisy forgot her sweatshirt on her bedroom floor.  Not a fool-proof system, but I don't mind a little "oops" here and there.  She borrowed a friends one night and mine the other night.  No problem.

OK...I haven't worked out in 2 weeks...time to get that in before the kiddies wake up!

XOXO Tiffany

"Thank you for food, Mommy.  Today I am still alive".  Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

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