Friday, August 17, 2012

Some things around the house...

 I'm about to sort and start my 7 loads of laundry for the day, and exercise, but I thought I would quickly get this post out while the house is still quiet. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our pool over the last month...but after the 30th time (in 30 days) of my kids yelling into the house, "Mom...can you grab me a towel!".  Or, after the 30th time of a child padding through my kitchen sopping wet heading for the bathroom, I thought I would post a new sign.

Before you swim...
1.  Go to the bathroom
2.  Grab a towel

It seems to have helped!
 My poor little corner in my bedroom...Lucy got my white dresser when we re-did the girls' rooms last year.  So, for a year, I have had this little make-shift "night stand".  Yes, that is my lamp on the floor, my clock on a basket on a little pedestal (?).  When I had the white dresser, I had to sit way up in bed to see the time...with this set up, I had to look way down to see the time, or to turn out my lamp, which hardly lit the page at night.  This poor little corner.  I had it on my list for months to find a new nightstand.
 Then, while hanging out on a neighbors lawn one neighbor mentioned she had a couple of items in her garage that she was going to "free cycle", if any of us wanted to take a look.  I saw from a distance some gray painted wood.  I ran over there and immediately snatched up this adorable table!  What a cute little corner!  Now I just need a headboard and something on the wall...  Lucy loves to sit and write or draw while I am reading in the evening.
Today my project is to sort the kids craft stuff.  Last night, Lucy and I hauled it all out onto the kitchen table.  We have an embarrassing amount of stuff.  It is not organized, so it is tough to find anything.  What a waste!  Lucy has a friend coming over for the day, and these girls LOVE to craft.  So, we'll take a little time this morning to get it all organized and then they can have at it!

Have a great weekend!!!  I'm meeting some friends from jr/high school for brunch on Saturday and we are having our small group from church over on Sunday.  Looking forward to both!

XOXO Tiffany

"Once you have organized your space, keep it organized by maintaining the space on a regular basis.  I find that maintenance is the most important aspect of organization".  Emilie's Creative Home Organizer by Emilie Barnes

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