Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miller Road Trip 2012...Oklahoma

My email inbox is getting crazy full, a puzzle sits incomplete, sewing projects waiting patiently, Christmas presents to purchase and wrap, scrapbooks to make for the Great Grandma's, a list that never gets shorter.  2012 feels like it has been the busiest year ever.  I feel like everybody feels the same way.  No matter your stage in life, it is just stinkin' busy.  Hoping to start out 2013 with some good ideas of ways to slow things down.  Trying to think if there are some things that I can just let go of?  Take off my list for good?  Easier/quicker/more efficient ways of doing things???  Hmmmm...I'll have to get back to you.
 The 3rd state that we visited on this road trip was Oklahoma!  We stayed right in Oklahoma City (a small little city).  I knew that I wanted to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial.
 It was a beautiful, sunny day.  I prepped the kids before visiting this memorial that I didn't want them running, playing tag, being loud...I just felt like we needed to be quiet and respectful.  This was the most beautiful, well thought out, memorial.  I read a few things out loud from the pamphlet that we picked up, and couldn't get through it without choking up.
 On one side of the reflection pool is a wall that says "9:03".  The time of the bombing. 

 All the empty chairs.  Lots of small chairs representing the kids that lost their lives.
 On the wall on the other side of the reflection pool it says, "9:01".  Representing a time of peace before the bombing.
 A memorial fence.
 A survival tree...this tree survived the bombing and was beautifully displayed.

If you are ever around this area...this is an amazing memorial.  A great reminder of what happened in our not-too-long-ago history.

After visiting the memorial, we headed out to the Penn Square Mall so that we could visit the Lego Store.  Never mind that we have one 50 minutes from our home.  For some reason, visiting that one seems like more work than visiting the one in Oklahoma City.  We had a great experience there.  The gal working there...LOVED us!  (don't mean to brag)  I don't know why...we were just in there having fun and chatting with her while the kids picked out some treasures.  We were trying to get up to $75 b/c then you got a box to bring back after Christmas and fill up with stuff from their pick-a-brick wall.  So, after lots of adding and subtracting, we got as close as we could and made our purchase.  This gal ended up letting my girls each pick out their own mini figure for free...AND took 10% off our total purchase.  Crazy.  We LOVED her too.  After leaving the mall, we stopped in at the Red Carpet Car Wash (at the Shamrock gas station across the street from the mall).  Best $6 car wash you will ever get.  Your car will get a personal bug-removal-scrub down...then you are sent through a high powered wash, then, about 4 people towel dry your car and send you on your way. We hit it big in Oklahoma City.  (it's the small things really)

Then we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading into Bricktown for dinner (photo at the top of post).  A neat little area with a movie theatre and lots of restaurants.  Ehhh...it was OK.  We ended up eating at the Fuzzy Taco.  This night started our 5 day stretch of eating Mexican food.  Lots and lots of chips and salsa going on.  I was hoping to check out the Paseo Arts District...but the troops were done.  I was also hoping to get back to the Memorial and see it all lit up at night...but, again, the troops were done.  I can only push so hard:).

After dinner, we stopped in to Pinkitzel (means "tickled pink").  Whoa...cutest little shop ever! 
 Cute little cupcake display.
 Do I look happy???  Just a little.
 I got a white cake with pink almond frosting.  Delish.  (But not as good as Magnolia Baker in NYC)
 Walked back to our hotel (the Renaissance Marriot) and let the kids swim for a bit before bed.
 Next stop...Texas!!!
I did a couple of little fun gifty items for the trip.  This was one of them.  I got these little gel window clings at Target for $2 (I bet you can get them for a buck at the dollar store).  The kids were way more excited about these than I thought they would be.  Well worth the 2 bucks!  They each got three.

While I feel like things are falling apart over here...the one thing I have going for me is that I have committed to working out every day in December.  4 days in, 4 work outs.  Also...my mom just offered to take the kids on Thursday...while I was planning on a school day, I will not give up that time off!  My mind is reeling with what I may be able to get done.  It kind of takes the pressure off today and tomorrow.  I think I'll just work on my lists and come up with a game plan for Thursday.

Tonight...my favorite night of every month...Book Club!!!  We read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  It quickly rose to the top of my Favorites list.

XOXO Tiffany

"She cleaned the flat and looked over the food in the house and planned their supper".  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith 

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