Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sewin' up a storm!

Hi...I still can't upload photos from my desktop.
Check out my...
"TiffanyLayneFashion" Facebook page to see what I've been working on!
I am preparing for a Craft Boutique this weekend.
Made 15 new skirts.
Made 21 new flower pins.
Hoping to make some new wristlets tomorrow on my Sewing Wednesday!

Wish I could load some photos.

Do your kids ever play the "What if" game?
Oh goodness...I'm wondering when that game will ever end.
Maybe I shouldn't wish it away.
We really don't play that game as adults.
Maybe we should.
Tonight, Daisy Cakes asked me...
"'What if' our last name was Mickentosh????".
There's really no good answer to a question like that.
All I could think of was apples.
Sweetie and I usually get frustrated with the "what if" game...
mostly b/c it's gone on for so long now
and the questions that they pose have no good answer.
Adults like to see things in black and white.
The kids want to wonder.
I think I'll start to embrace it.
Come up with a really cool answer to their "what if".
Maybe I'll smile and giggle at their "what if's".
Maybe Sweetie will too.
Ooh, I think I'll start a "what if" journal!
Someone can write a "what if" and we can all come up with fun answers.

The kitchen is clean.
I'm off to pick up Lulu from swim team.

We're having Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!!!

Love!  Tiffany

"You are suffering and are hungry and thirsty, so you are welcome here".  Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
(I love that bishop!!!)

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  1. He, he. I can't TOTALLY relate, and we are just getting started. I always say, "that is a great question, what if?" and make Kimber answer it. It is fun to hear what they come up with.