Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Week in Review...

 Another busy week has ended.  I'm so happy for the weekend.
Today, I want to:
finish and put away the laundry
pay bills
sew a dress
go to Daisy's soccer game

The above photo shows the books that the kids and I are currently reading.
MJ is deep into Farmer Boy.
Daisy is finishing up Eight Cousins for book club.
Lucy is reading A Little Princess.
And I am finishing up The Color of Water.
 I did Sewing Monday this week because the kids had the day off.
I was in the mood for green!
March is coming after all.
 Made a cute little ruffled skirt.
 Auntie Nancy and kids came out for a visit on Wednesday!
I still got a little "sewing" in because she needed to make
an adult tutu for someone.
Isn't it yummy looking?
She has since added some sherbet colored ribbons throughout too.
 We took the kids to the sledding hill.
 5 tired sledders.
 Keepin' warm in my Uggs.
 Got my hair done!!! (finally)
I love being under the dryer.'s warm
#2...Lori brings me coffee
#3...I get to read
 Started a new book!
 The kids bought an iPad from my in-laws.
It's been a really great thing!
They've been great about taking turns.
And, if Lucy wants to use her shift (they get (4) 30 minute shifts a day)
YouTubing "how to draw" videos...all the better!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Love!  Tiffany

"Put yourself in God's hands and you can't go wrong."
The Color of Water by James McBride

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