Saturday, February 2, 2013

Organizing the Home 2013

 I'm really excited about 2013.
We don't have any major projects to tackle.
We put in the pool last summer.
We put our basement finishing project on hold until the house is paid off.
I'm really happy with how things are. comes the tweaking.
I had this idea in December...
I thought...I'll zone out my house (think FlyLady) and each month Bless a different area.
My kids just can't stand it when I say, "Let's Bless the House".
Those stinkers...I can just hear them saying it to their kids someday.
So...January is no more.  No sense living in the past.
Let's start with February...and let's end with November.
I mean, really, who needs to add one more thing to December.
Here is how I broke my house down by zones (subject to change):

February:  Kitchen
March:  Family Room
April:  Main Floor Bathroom
May:  Sewing Room
June:  MJ's Bedroom
July:  Lucy's Bedroom
August:  Daisy's Bedroom
September:  Kids Bathroom
October:  Master Bedroom/Bathroom/Closet
November:  Basement/Laundry Room

Again...this is subject to change.  But, this is how I broke it out for now.
I'm starting to make a little list of all the things that I want to tackle in those areas.
Things like:
touch up paint
clean blinds
add bead board in bathroom
new light fixture in MJ's room
sort through fabric tubs
some major decluttering (always)
I'll keep you posted on my progress on Fridays.
I encourage you to do this with your house this year!!!
Let me know if you have any tips!
 OK...I got an iPhone 5 on Friday!!!
Daisy snapped this pic of me in the basement...
yes...that's dirty laundry on the left
and Coco in my lap.
Friday is my laundry day but I never got to it.
The kids get to enjoy (4) 30 minutes shifts on their iPod Touches every day.
I spent one of the shifts with them in the basement.
Now I understand how fast time flies when you are on those things!
We had a lot of fun.
They got me on Instagram...still don't know what to do there.
And then, Lucy started snapping pics of my green drink
and then put it in this cute little collage.
I need to learn how to do that!
They don't want to teach me.
They just want to grab my phone and do it for me.
I want to learn kids!  Help me!
I may end up at the Apple Store for a little class.
I am really that behind.
And I'm not feeling like Sweetie and the kids have any patience for me.

OK...busy weekend!
I'd better keep cruising.  I already did my Bible Time and exercised!
(and it's Saturday!)
I'm having coffee with the neighbor ladies
Daisy has 2 hours of soccer in two different cities
Kids are having friends over in the afternoon
Girls are going to a sleepover birthday party
Hoping to watch Project Runway

Clean House and Cook
Super Bowl Party here with our Small Group from church!

Have a fabulous weekend!
I'm hoping to share my Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe on Monday.

Love!  Tiffany

"How can we extract our children from this filthy engine where indulgence and ignorance and ungratefulness and waste are standard protocol?"
7: an experimental mutiny against excess By:  Jen Hatmaker

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