Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ruffled Chandelier Shades

 Good Morning!
The kids are just starting to stir after
their little sleepover in the basement last night.
(just the three of them)
I've got some banana bread in the oven and
I thought I'd take a minute to show you my new chandelier!
 Remember what I had on the fixture before?
Some nice green shades from Pottery Barn.
 A while back when I was de-cluttering...
I found that I had 3 different sets of shades for my kitchen light.
I thought that was excessive, so I was planning on donating
2 sets.  One was a beautiful red, and one was a red and white gingham.
As I was getting my Goodwill donation ready,
my shades got pulled back out of the pile.
I just couldn't part with them!  Even though I didn't know what I was going to do with them.

Then, (to make a short story long)
my parents moved into a cute little townhome and my mom
was doing a lot of red accents in her family room.
They salvaged an old chandelier from the thrift store and sprayed
it silver.  But they were left with these ugly pleather shades (above).
Short story long...I gave my mom my red shades
and she gave me the pleather shades.
I was going to donate them, but then I thought,
if I'm going to every play around with decorating some shades,
why not start with a shade that I wouldn't be too
dissapointed if I screwed it up?
So...that's what I did.
 I started this project on Friday after school (around 1pm).
I decided to go with a muslin ruffled look.
I cut (lots!) of strips of muslin in cream and white.
 I attached my new ruffle foot!
I actually bought it a month or two ago but haven't taken the time to play with it yet.
 I started making lots of ruffles!
20 strips of ruffles to be exact.
The strips were 2" x (roughly) 40" pre-ruffling.
 Then, my ruffler stopped working.
I called the shop...they couldn't help me over the phone
and wanted me to bring it in.  No time for that.
I YouTubed it...I Googled help.
Then, I serger makes ruffles!
So, I played with that for a bit and made a huge pile of ruffles.
 I broke out the hot glue gun.
 I made a sample and then gathered up some trims.

Then, it was time to make dinner.
I made a whole wheat pizza twist that I haven't made in a long time.
The kids loved it!
After dinner, Lucy had swim team practice and Daisy had soccer practice.
Daisy got a ride home and returned at 9pm.
I had made a big bowl of buttered popcorn
and some chocolate banana malts and
the kids headed downstairs for a movie night.
I usually join them, but I was wanting a movie night of my own.
I watched The Best Exotic Marigold was cute. 
Best of was 2 hours long and I was able to get my project done while watching it!
 I usually watch my movies on my computer,
which is in my sewing room.
That way I can be productive and enjoy a movie all at the same time.

After I got the first row (bottom) of ruffles on...
I took a black sharpie and made two marks (1 1/2" apart)
along the vertical metal frame piece.
The distance from the top of the ruffle to the top of the shade
was 4 1/2 inches.  So, I made a mark at 1 1/2" and at 3"...
and then I put the final ruffle along the top edge.
 I put a completely different trim on the top of each of them.
I have so many trim scraps...I always hope they'll come in handy!
 I finished my project around 11pm.
It is not often that I see 11pm...or anything after 9pm for that matter.
My kids were like, "Mom!  I can't believe you're still up!".
Here it was all aglow last night.
A fun little project while Sweetie is up north
(Lake of the Woods on the Canada border)
ice fishing with his buddies!
Every time he comes home...our home gets a little more ruffly.
I'm thankful he's man enough not to mind.
He just says, "Oh, cute". 

Happy Saturday!!!

Love!  Tiffany

"See, a marriage needs love.  And God.  And a little money.  That's all.  The rest you can deal with".
The Color of Money by James McBride

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