Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Studio Curtains

 We moved into our house 11 1/2 years ago,
and I have always wanted curtains to frame the opening of our front room.
The builders intended it to be the formal dining room.
For many years, it was our kids play room.
Then, we converted it to a kids study room.
Then, I took it over as my sewing studio.
I think it will always remain my sewing studio.
I can't imagine giving up this space!
It's right off the kitchen...
my windows look onto the front porch.
I can sew away and still know what's happening with my kids.
A real dream.
 I started with a pile of fabric and trim.
I had no idea what these curtains would look like.
I didn't spend a dime on them and just used what I had.
When I was making infinity scarves out of this animal organza a few weeks ago...
I thought...that would make adorable curtains for my sewing studio!
They're kind of a nuetral (and a print) between the lilac and the pale yellow.
Unfortunately, when I cut the animal organza in half,
the two panels weren't long enough to come to the floor.
So...I added a panel of white chiffon.
I was just going to add some trim between the panels and call it a day.
But, then I looked at my pile of creams....
organza, lace, etc... 
 I decided to add ruffles.
I played around with the order and trim.
took apart two of the infinity scarves and pieced the fabric together
to make a some more ruffles.
 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ruffles?
 I ended up putting a thin piece of black lace ruffle trim between the panel and the ruffles.
 Gathered up swag-like.
My view coming down my stairs in the morning.
That room just calls to me...all the time.

Even though the curtains are sheer...
I can still pull them closed if I ever need to cover up the mess that always seems to be there.
My "simplify" sign (under the clock) mocks me.

I'm hoping to list my wool skirts on Etsy!
(goodness...what's taken me so long)
Sledding with friends
Haircuts for the kids
Swim Team in Elk River

Not my typical Sewing Wednesday...
but if I can get a few things listed on Etsy...I'll be happy.

Love!  Tiffany

"She loved going to concerts, she loved shopping with her cousin, she loved iced coffee and meringues".
A Room with a View by E.M. Forster

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