Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Scrappy Fabric Tutu!

 A friend requested this item back in...October.
Oh my.
I am THE worst with special orders!
That's why I typically shy away from them.
They sit on my To Do list and just keep getting shoved down
until they reach the complete bottom and proceed to haunt me.
I told myself..."today is the day!"
 I gathered up six 7 fabrics.
(I ended up adding a hot pink gingham too)
 I cut some 1" elastic 22" long and attached the ends.
Then, I cut up 34 strips of fabric that measured
(approx) 2 x 25" each.
 My pile of fabric strips.
 After knotting them to the elastic, I trimmed the ends.
 A fun little pile of triangles.  Hmmm.
 The Scrappy Fabric Tutu!!!
Christine...sorry it took so long!!!
I hope you (and Ainsley!) like it:)

Love!  Tiffany

"We'll enjoy coffee in the morning, sweet tea in the afternoon, and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on the porch at night, while the sun sets over the coastal fields."
Seven by Jen Hatmaker

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