Friday, March 8, 2013

Bathroom Project Part 2

Good Morning!
This is what our bathroom looks like.
Sweetie traveled all week so didn't get much done.
We have a friend coming over tomorrow to kick this project out.
Can't wait till it's done!!!

No time to chat...
the kids and I and my parents are leaving at 9am...
we are going to pick up Grandma Max (urn)
then we are heading to Grandma Max's burial,
then out to lunch at Axel's with family,
then to my Auntie Nancy's to help chop veggies for tomorrow's memorial,
then we're dropping Daisy off at a sleepover birthday party,
then I'm going to run Lucy to swim team,
then I'm going to crash.

See you on Monday Food Day.

Love!  Tiffany

"If I cling to my 'if I could onlys' and my 'if they would justs', I miss out on the freedom to be found in letting peace rule".
Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman

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