Friday, March 1, 2013

Bathroom Project

 I just realized how disgusting that title sounds.
But, anyway, I was wondering what my March Project
would be and so I asked Sweetie if he would be up for
adding beadboard to the main floor bathroom in March
and he said, "yeah, sure".  Wow! 
Didn't see that coming.
But, he is the Project Guy.
He is by no means professionally trained,
but he will tackle just about any project.
I had always wanted beadboard/wainscoting (don't know and don't care what the difference is...sorry if I flip flop those two terms)
in this bathroom.  But then, a couple of years ago,
our sink pulled away from the wall (nice work builders...the sink was not glued to the pedestal and the pedestal was not screwed in to the floor...I'm completely surprised that it took 10 years for this to happen)
and I figured...beadboard will solve this problem!
 My temporary fix was to super glue the ripped painted sheet rock
back onto the wall.  Painting stripes on walls is no small project
and I was so not in the mood to sand, prime, tape, and paint...again.
I like to do a project...the first time.
I don't like re-do's.
 So, this is how it has looked for the past 2, maybe 3 years.
Time to fix it up!
 Wouldn't mind a "new" mirror.
 I think I'll take everything down and out and only put back
in the things that I love.
I'll keep you posted!
 This just in...(literally just got the photos via email)
The Miller kids are hanging out at the MOA
(Mall of America) with their cousin Kimber for her 6th birthday!
Looks like fun!!!
So cute that my sister-in-law is on the ride...I guess my
brother was in the empty seat on the right, but they
were over the weight limit.  Sorry Troy...ain't that like a slap in the face.
Well, I'm glad you could get this cute photo,
even if your tail was between your legs. 
Love you guys!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!

Love!  Tiffany

"God never promised us security in this world.  God promised us only truth and freedom in our hearts."
Seven by Jen Hatmaker

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