Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking a little break...

I've felt extra busy these days.
I know I've chatted about this before.
But, I've felt a call to give some things up.
I've felt that call before...
but, I've said "no".
This time I'm saying "yes".
I've decided to take a little fast/cleanse/detox
(it's like Lent....but 40 days late)
from certain things in my life.
Mostly media.

I am going to take a break from:
My Blog
my sewing business

I was feeling like the window was starting to close...
I only have 6-9 years before all my kids are 18.
I want to have the time to invest more in them.
To play that game of Monopoly.
To bake cookies for them and their friends.
To sit and chat.
To look them in the eyes.
To be more present.

I'd also like to spend more time with Sweetie.
Play more ping pong and cribbage.
Sit and hang out.
Chat more.
Have a connection together beyond the kids
so that when the kids leave, we still have us.

I want to get get out from behind the Media
and actually live my life.
I tell my kids to do this all the time,
maybe I should too.

Facebook and Instagram were not really a problem for me.
My blog takes some time.
Pinterest is my go-to activity when I have minutes to blow.
My sewing business is probably the most time consuming
and the thing that occupies my mind.
The thing that is always tugging at me for more time.
The thing I love (almost) the most.

I will still use Facebook to communicate
with certain people.
And, I will continue to use it for scheduling events
(book club, small group...).
I will use Pinterest to enjoy inspiration from
all the pins that I have already found.
But, for April, I will not be "exploring" new pins.
I will only go on Instagram to check up on my girls.
No Blog and No Sewing Business for April.
I will still sew for my family and home.
But, I will say "yes" when Lucy wants to sew with me.
I will put mine aside so that I can help her.
I will stop what I'm doing to help Daisy look up
youtube videos for tips on how to juggle a soccer ball.
I will sit and listen intently to MJ when he wants to tell
me all about his Clash of Clans game or MineCraft.
I will still have my Coffee Date with God every morning.
My days have been clearer and better since I added that back in.

I will pray and ask God for direction.
I usually do things my way.
I know exactly what I want and when.
I can just see God shaking his head at me and saying,
"if you would only ask me what my plans for you are!".
I'm a super slow learner.
But, I am going to dedicate April to slowing down.
I'm not going to slow down on time with friends and family.
In fact, I will be filling more of my time with that.
Life is about relationship.
I still want to cook and clean.
(Sweetie is relieved)
I want to have people over more.
I want to continue my journey toward simplifying...
April will be spent doing lots of that.

I think that's about all I have on my mind for now.
I may be back on May 1st...and I may not be.
I just don't know...but I'm open to anything!

I'm off to live my life!
Love!  Tiffany

"By every small choice we make for good - by every small surrender - we are reaching toward our transformation".
Small Surrenders by Emilie Griffin


  1. How awesome! I am so excited for you. I think you will really enjoy April, and your family will to. I will miss your blog, but maybe we will have a few coffee dates to catch up in person! Text me (if you are still texting).

    Love, your sis-in-law,Mel

    1. Thanks Melissa! Would LOVE to have a coffee date with you! Yes...I will still be texting...:). I still need to try that Hazelnut Mocha you were telling me about! Maybe we could bring the kids and set them up at a table with a board game. Or, we could meet in our homes...Happy Easter!!! Love you...Tiffy