Friday, March 22, 2013

The Bathroom and some other stuff...

 I got the wainscoting painted!
 This was my Tuesday project.
 We finished up school around 1pm...
I gathered all my supplies and dug in.
 First, I taped everything off.
Then I started painting. 
I couldn't believe what a pain this was to paint.
I've been used to painting finished wood.
I like painting over finished wood.
This raw stuff (pine) just soaks up the paint!
My girls are always wanting to help me paint.
I can be a bit of a control I always say "no, sorry sweetie".
As I started the project they were asking again...
 At first I said, "no"...but as time went on...
I was calling..."Girls!!!".
"Anyone want to paint???".
They couldn't believe their luck.  Ha.
 Whooops...grabbed the wet door frame.
 Sweetie and I are thinking we need one more coat of paint.
It didn't totally get into all the creases.
I'm also thinking of taking down my decorations.
The flower garland could not have more dust on it.
The fashion plates are a little high and a little too far to the left.
I want to visit my favorite shop...
Ramshackled Treasures in Zimmerman...
for some awesome wall decor.
In other news... 
I've been using my "notes" and my "reminders" on
my iPhone since early February.
The problem notes/to do lists aren't staring me in the face.
The other problem is...when I go on my iPhone to
add a "note" or a "reminder"...
I get extremely side-tracked and I find I am
wasting a ton of time.
So...this week, I brought back the paper and pen/pencil.
I am loving seeing my master list and crossing things off.
I still use my "notes" and "reminders"...
but, now I right the stuff on my paper list and then
when I go on my iPhone, I have my list to show me
what needs to be done or added.
It's been a productive week.
 This week I've been reading...
"Six Ways to keep the Little in your Girl".
I've been enjoying it.
Some great tips for moms of tweens.
 On my list for the past few months has been to find
and extra set of Full Sheets for Lulu's room.
I got her some pink sheets back in December
when she got her new bed...
but it's good to have two sets for washing day.
I hit Marshall's once or twice a month
and just haven't found any that will work.
Then, Thursday...I saw these beauties.
Perfect!  (and only $16.99)
 I also found this little treasure of a book...
The Scarlet Letter on clearance for $1.00.
The Penguin Classic Deluxe Edition books are beautiful!
Love the art work and the ripped edges on the pages.
This is the 6th book that I have found on clearance at Marshalls in the past couple of months.  That's the problem with go in for sheets and you leave with something else.
The kids and I met a bunch of friends out at the Childrens Theatre Company today to see "Jackie and Me".  We already read the book.  They did a great job!  What a special story.
We also brought a lunch and spent a little time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.
A wonderful day.
And then...I came home to...
Les Miserables!!!
I had pre-ordered it on Amazon.
What a treat.
One of the greatest stories of all time.

Now...I'm trying to catch up on laundry.
And, I need to get the bills paid.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Matt is taking the kids ice fishing tomorrow afternoon.
I'm hoping to have all my "work" done so that I can spend the afternoon at my sewing machine.

Love!  Tiffany

"Our story is nearly told.  Time passes in Holland just as surely and steadily as here:  in that respect, no country is odd".
Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
by Mary Mapes Dodge

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