Thursday, July 25, 2013

Around here...

 Hi There!
Just thought I'd check in before this month comes to a close.
I've been trying to do a cleaning project and an organizing project every day.
I just decide that day (or the day before) which projects are the most pressing.
The kids are in charge of un-loading the dishwasher.
They do a pretty good job, but they like to open the tupperware cupboard and just shove things in.
Then, they complain how messy the tupperware cupboard is.
When they are "looking for something to do" (read: bored)...
I always mention, "would you like to organize the tupperware cupboard?".
Nobody ever bites on that one.
I used to LOVE organizing our kitchen cupboards and drawers when I was young!
What's up with these kids?
So...I sat down for my afternoon "organizing project" right in front of the tupperware cupboard.
I decided to do it Roy G Biv style.
I also cleared out two large bags of tupperware to be donated to
CROSS Food Shelf.
 I saw a version of this recipe on a Healthy Kids Blog.
Whole Wheat Pizza Braid.
Basically, you use a whole wheat pizza dough (I have one on my recipes page),
roll it out into a rectangle.
Top it with some sauce.
Chop whatever veggies you have on hand...
I had green pepper, zucchini, green onion, kalamata olives.
Top with cheese (I used fresh mozzarella) and
sprinkle with italian seasoning.
Slice the sides and braid it up.
Place on greased baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
Lucy and I absolutely loved this thing!
She was all..."Mom!  This is soooo good!".
The others were a bit complain-y...they'll come around.
 The kids are at a rockin' sleepover with our good friends from before we all had kids!
Those kids spent two weeks preparing for this sleepover by filling 500 water balloons.
 I did a lot of this (above) last night.
 Pulling some goodies together for our camping trip this weekend.
Heading up north to the largest fresh water lake in the world!
The great Lake Superior.
These are the books that I'm reading for July.
Destiny of the Republic...can I HIGHLY recommend this book???
Oh my...if you enjoy American History, this book is amazing.  
It's about our 20th president...James Garfield.  So well written.
My "morning book" is The Dangerous Act of Loving your Neighbor.
It's deep....and it's things we all need to hear.
I've been reading The Boy who came Back from Heaven to the kids every day.
I have yet to make it one day without sobbing!
The kids are all..."here it comes...".
I'm an absolute mess.  
A friend thrust this book into my hands and would not let me leave her house without it!
It's a beautiful story.

That's all I've got.
Happy Thursday and enjoy the weekend!!!

Love!  Tiffany

"And I tell you now...that I would rather be with you and defeated than against you and victorious".
Destiny of the Republic by Candace Millard

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