Tuesday, October 1, 2013

39 Years.

 On September 30th, I celebrated my 39th birthday.
I wanted a super simple day.

I wrote down the 7 things that I wanted to do.
1.  Pina Colada smoothie for breakfast.
 2.  Purchase a pumpkin scented candle and some pumpkin scented hand soap.
 3.  Get my free Caribou drink...a Pumpkin Chai Latte.
The girls came with so my free drink turned into an $8.50 outing.
They're totally worth it.
 4.  I wanted my rice and bean enchiladas for lunch.
Fortunately, I had a pan in the freezer.
5.  I wanted BLT's for dinner.
Homemade whole wheat bread and garden tomatoes.

6.  Read.

7.  Sew.

All things were happily accomplished.
I wish all my "to do" lists looked like this one!
 My mama offered to bake my birthday cake.
I sent her exact instructions about how I wanted my cake.  I'm picky.
She failed to follow (understand?) my instructions.  Bless her heart.  
We enjoyed the cake anyhow.  It's so pretty, no?
I am going to type up a recipe sheet for my perfect birthday cake.
I like a homemade white cake with drops of cream cheese/sugar/chocolate chips scattered throughout before baking.  Then...I like a really rich fudge frosting.
The End.
**For the record...my mom is THE best!
For the last...maybe 9 years...the Bachman's delivery man has brought me a gorgeous bouquet of roses...courtesy of my sweet little Grandma Ruta.  She turns 89 next month.

Enjoy October!
Wow...the air has turned crisp.

Love!  Tiffany

"It will not be enough one day to stand before Jesus and say, "Oh?  Were You serious about all that?""
(in regards to loving mercy and justice, feeding the poor and the orphaned, caring for the last and the least)
Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker
(my second time through...)

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