Friday, November 22, 2013

A week of house cleaning...

 I love evenings when the last meal has been prepared and served, the dishwasher is humming, the vanilla candle is lit, the lights are dimmed.  Ahhh.  Such a good feeling!

I've been on a cleaning routine for 5 weeks now…and it has been awesome!
I thought I'd share it with you.
Basically, I wrote down all the things that I wanted cleaned in my house every week.  The rest of the stuff will have to fit in somewhere.  But, this is my 6 day cleaning routine, with day 7 being my day of rest!

Morning Routine:
(alarm goes off at 5pm)
Shower and get ready for the day
Drink a 16 oz glass of water
Coffee and Bible time
A Project
Make Breakfast

Day 1:
Sweet/vacuum/dust main level
Vacuum stairs
Clean master bath

Day 2:
Vacuum/dust upstairs
Wash Sheets

Day 3:
Clean kids bathroom
Polish kitchen sink
Wipe down stove top

Day 4:
Garbage/recycling to curb
Laundry down/sorted
Sweep/vacuum/dust main level
Vacuum stairs

Day 5:
Pay Bills
Laundry (switch loads every 90 min)
Clean main bath

Day 6:
Vacuum/dust upstairs
Menu/shopping list

Totally do-able!!!!
I can't believe how simple this routine is and yet everything is getting done.

This sign stares at me when I get up in the morning:)
I think I've shared this before…but, I just love it.
As I was searching for a cleaning photo for my post (I ended up with a pic of what I do when the cleaning is all done…lol), but, I saw this text from Daisy.
Must be careful how you use emoji's!  LOL.
OK…well, have a great weekend!!!
Is anyone going to the Hunger Games Catching Fire???
I am.
Make a list of all the things that you would like cleaned every week…
divide it among 6 days…
and getter done!

Hoping to share a recipe on Monday.
Do you remember my old blogging routine?

I might be back at it…

"Virtually anyone, any normal man or woman who relies on God and who practices common sense, can be a successful parent."  Lifeline:  the religious upbringing of your children 
by:  James Stenson
(a little gem of a parenting book that I came across)

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