Friday, November 29, 2013

(Digital) Menu Planning...

 Grab a coffee and let's chat Menu Planning.
I have actually always loved menu planning.  It was always just tough to maintain.
I did the paper version with one big blank calendar and then filled in.
The problem was, I was always having to start over every month.
I like to plan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
But, it's mostly Breakfast and Dinner, since lunch is usually leftovers.
I've been loving my Apple Calendar on my MacBook.  I use it for everything.
Basically, I just designated the color green for menu planning.
I block off a 30 minute section and type in the meal.
Then, in the "notes" section of that event, I copy and paste the recipe!
The really cool part of this step is when I'm heading out to a store and forget to check over my menu plan, I can pull it up on my phone and see what the meals are for the next few days and check the ingredients list.  Then, I just add any needed ingredients to my "notes" on my iPhone and head into the store! 
OK...the other super cool thing about this digital menu planner is that you can repeat the event!!!!
I put my breakfasts on a 2 week rotation and my dinners on a monthly rotation.
I figure as it fills in, I will probably switch to a two month rotation for dinners and maybe a 3 week rotation for breakfasts.
Then, as your schedule changes, you just drag the meal to another day/time.
Loving it!
(Cool things 3 and's free, and when we travel, I will have all our favorite recipes on my phone!)
2013 was a huge year for me in going paperless.
I gave up my paper planner, and now my paper menu planner.
Slowly but surely, I am getting with the times.

Do you think you'll try something like this?
Are you already doing something awesome that works for you?
**this is a version of the menu planning system on the Life in Grace blog.

Before I go..."Happy Black Friday"!
I'd like to re-name it "Jammie Day", b/c that's what we're doing today!
And...we're pulling out the Christmas tubs and finally playing Christmas music!
As MJ says, "Stay home and order on-line".
I couldn't agree more.

XOXO Tiffany

"God began to teach me that there is a huge difference between "entertaining" and offering hospitality".  A Life that says Welcome by Karen Ehman

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