Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sewing (and reading) Wednesday!

 I've been getting back into my sewing studio lately.
Mostly working on little projects for my family.
Lucy was cleaning out her closet and said that she didn't like how this tank fit.
This picture is a funny shot of the tank, but the sides actually hang drape-y at the side.
I loved it, but she wanted it to fit like a basic tank.
This is a super easy project.

Turn your tank/t-shirt inside out.
Take a ruler and mark a new line with a pen/pencil/tailors wax.
I went from the armpit out to the bottom at a slight angle.
 Once you've marked both sides, cut and pin.
 Put some pink thread into your serger (or sewing machine) and stitch up!
 A new tank.
 I've been reading hospitality books lately.
I checked out about 15 of them at the library last week.
Working on being an amazing hostess and guest.
Good timing with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow!
Are you reading any good books?
Do you have any sewing projects that you're working on...or would like to be working on?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
What are you making???
And, on Monday afternoon, my mom and I made Latvian piragi's (bacon buns).

XOXO Tiffany

"Thanksgiving creates abundance".
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

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