Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alter the waist of your jeans! (Sewing and reading Wednesday)

I was needing some "new" jeans...
so, I headed to Goodwill and bought 3 awesome pairs of jeans for between $4-8 each.
They all fit great at the store...
but, when I brought them home, washed them, and wore them,
two of the pairs were really loose in the waist.
Now...while I'd like to say that "my waist is just so tiny"...
the reality is that I've needed to go up a size to accommodate my
"gave-birth-three-times" hips and butt.
If you have troubles with the waist of your jeans not fitting well,
you will love this tutorial!
It is so easy.
You wouldn't even need a sewing machine.

OK...take an awesome pair of jeans that are a bit loose in the waist.
This method will not win me any awards, but it works!
Yes, snip just a touch past the waistband.
 Overlap the waist band and pin.
Feel free to snip both sides, try the jeans on and pin.
Make it tight because of course, jeans loosen as you wear them.
 I just eye-balled mine, I kind of knew how much they needed to come in.
 Bring it to your machine and zig zag stitch up and down with blue thread.
(or hand stitch like crazy)
 Takes minutes.
So easy and my jeans fit amazing!
I've worn and washed each pair several times
Those zig zags will usually be covered up with a belt, or your top, or if you're like me, a skirt.
And, frankly, they just don't bother me since I'm not having to hike up my jeans every couple of minutes.
 A close up.
 Another view.
 Here is the other pair of jeans that I fixed.
As you can see, they have another issue.
That annoying hole.
 I just cut a little square of fabric, pinned it down, and did another zig zag stitch around it.
No more upper thigh being revealed.
 OK, another issue.
(You're totally wondering why I brought home these jeans with all these problems!
The price was right.
And, fixing them is so easy!)
There was a tear in the back.
Somebody had tried to super glue it closed.  Oh my.
 I cut a piece of denim from my stash wider on all sides than the hole.
Pinned it down and zig zagged with white thread.
 Easy peasy.
This was my second time through.
I had washed and worn them and realized that I didn't stitch far enough out on one side of the patch.
Easy fix.  They've been great ever since!
Check your closet and see if you have any jeans that need some fixing.
If you don't think you'll fix them up, drop them off at a thrift store so that someone else can discover them and fix them up:).
If you only have perfectly fitting jeans in your closet, head out to your local thrift shop and pick up a cute pair!
At Goodwill on Tuesdays, you could get a pair of jeans for $1.49!

I'm still reading the same books as last week.
I haven't found much time to read lately.
We have been out most nights, and if we are home, we're watching a Christmas movie together.
Tis the season to be busy...Fa la la la la la la la la.

Have a great one!

XOXO Tiffany

"And I tell you now, in the closing days of this campaign, that I would rather be with you and defeated than against you and victorious".  
Destiny of the Republic by Candace Millard
(one of the best books I read in '13)

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