Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sewing (and reading) Wednesday!

 Last week, I was busy making Corn/Rice Cozies!
Our homeschool co-op did a Christmas Shopping event that was so much fun!
Each family prepared a gift for the other families to purchase for their loved ones for Christmas.
Some families set up a project table where the kids would actually make the gift right there.
We had tables filled with:
earrings, salt baths, candles, painted mason jars for popcorn or candy, adorable birdseed feeders, fleece blankets, and corn cozies.
The pricing was between .25 - $5.00 for each item.
The kids and moms had a blast!
And, of course, our co-op doesn't get together unless there is a big spread of food with lots of coffee and tea for the moms.
 Everyone was in the Christmas spirit...
especially when the snow started to fly!
 If you want to make a little Corn/Rice Cozy, just follow these instructions...
or google it!

Corn/Rice Cozy
(4) 7 x 14" rectangles of cotton fabric
(a front, a back, and 2 lining pieces that won't be seen)
5 cups of feed corn or plain rice
(I was making 20 cozies and ran out of feed corn at the end.  I used a big bag of basmati rice that my parents had and it worked just fine!)

Put the right sides of fabric together,
and then place the lining fabric on the outsides.
(Like the bread of the sandwich!)
Stitch around 3 full sides (1/4" seam allowance) and about an inch into each end of the 4th side.
Trim your corners and turn little sack right side out.
Press flat.
Take a funnel and fill with corn or rice.
Stitch open side closed.
I folded under the fabric to form the seam, pinned it, and stitched one row 1/4" from the edge, and then stitched another row right on the edge.

 I microwaved each Cozy for 2 1/2 minutes to make sure they all survived.
Nice and toasty warm!

Super simple...sorry I don't have better pics!
 I've been reading two books in the morning...
"Lifeline:  The Religious Upbringing of your Children"
"Advent-day by day"
I ordered Lifeline used on-line...
and the Advent book I got on the "free" shelf at the library a while back.
Really enjoying them both!

Hope your Wednesday is awesome.

XOXO Tiffany

"Great parents earnestly desire that their children grow to outdo them in everything".
Lifeline:  The Religious Upbringing of your Children
by James Stenson

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