Friday, March 28, 2014

Ten Things Around Here...

Hi There!
So...some of my blog fans
(all 3 of them, and one of them is my mom, so I'm not sure she counts)
have been asking me...
"Tiff!  When are you going to do another blog post???"
Well, the answer to that is long and sorted.
But, some of the reasons I've been scarce around these parts lately are:
1.  I've been busy (don't you just love that word?)
2.  Writing is not one of my gifts.
3.  I'm not sure people care what I have to say.
I just realized that I missed the whole month of February and almost missed March too!
So, this morning I made myself of Honey Mocha,
(New Mexican Pinon coffee with honey and dark cocoa powder mixed in)
and I'm sitting in my kitchen with cold feet,
(b/c I forgot to grab my socks and slippers before I came downstairs on this chilly "spring" morning), and my little Coco girl is curled up on my lap.
Let me fill you in on 10 things that have been happening around here over the last two months!

1.  Reading...Jane Eyre (awesome-ness)
2.  Sewing...infinity scarves and fitted crib sheets for Bundles of Love Charity
3.  Organizing...homeschool stuff.  I did a major cull and got rid of lots!
4.  Purchased...a new curriculum!  I'm going back to Sonlight Curriculum for next year (Core W) and we actually plan on implementing it in April/May so that we can finish this year strong and start next year ahead.
5.  Cooking/ a rut.
6.  My kids...
Daisy will be a teenager (13) in one week?!?
Lucy...has a "boyfriend"!?!
MJ...could spend all 16 of his waking hours on Minecraft.
7.  Dreaming...about public restrooms.  Yes, I had another one of my "public restroom" dreams (nightmares?) last night.  Does anyone else have these?  So, my latest one was were I had to go to the bathroom and we were in a car dealership.  I entered the single stall, which was right off of the showroom floor.  This is where the trouble starts.  The toilet has no seat.  The rim needs some serious wiping off.  The doorway to the stall is large.  There are two curtains that need to be pulled closed for privacy.  These two curtains do not even come close to covering the opening.  Of course, there is a long line to the bathroom and tons of people milling around the showroom floor.  I mean...can't a girl get a little privacy on the toilet people!?!  Somehow (in my dream), I did manage to accomplish my task.  I have no idea what these dreams signify...but I have them fairly often.  Each one a little different.  Usually, there are like 10 stalls and they are all completely un-acceptable (if you know what I mean).
8.  Wearing...a pedometer.  One of my college Besties told me about this trick!  If you wear a pedometer and set some "steps" goals, you are more likely to get moving.  It's very true!  Now, I'm less likely to ask the kids to "run and grab" me something.  I'll get up and do it myself!  Also, I'm trying to stop snagging that "rock star" parking spot!  I'm healthy and my legs work great!  I'm not elderly and I'm not bringing an infant or small children into the store.  I can park in the back!
9.  Watching...Iowa State Basketball!  Sweet 16...they play tonight!
10.  Looking forward to...
...A Jen Hatmaker/Britt Nicole conference/concert (April)
...a trip to Vegas with my Sweetie (May)
...summer (July?)

That's all for now!
If you'd like to see some recent photos...head over to my Instagram at tiffanylaynefashion.

Have a fabulous spring!

XOXO Tiffany

"Eliza could sit half the day sewing, reading, or writing..."
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte