Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Sewing 2014

I'm trying to fit more sewing into my days.
I have enough fabric and ideas to last a lifetime, it is simply a matter of finding the time.
I re-covered some old porch/deck pillows with new fabric and ruffles.
I also made a cute little ruffled tablecloth.
My 13-year old loves to sit on the porch and chat on the phone, I thought she would enjoy a pretty little place to sit.  Now if we can just keep on top of those spider webs!
I've been wanting to make this little dress for awhile.
The upper of the dress is a ribbed tank top.
The rest of the dress is calico cotton gathered and tiered.
I call it my Holly Hobby dress.
I wonder what sewing I'll get to in October?
Have you been sewing/knitting/crafting lately???

XOXO Tiffany

"Thimbles and Thunderstorms!", cried Trumpkin in a rage.  "Is that how you speak to the King?  Send me, Sire, I'll go."
Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

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