Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Something I'm Lovin'

 I have to share this new website and app that has made me so happy.
I follow several blogs.
It tends to be a revolving list.  Some come and go, some will be there for always.
I typically receive an email of new blog posts whenever possible.
My InBox was getting full!
And then...I discovered...Bloglovin.
A place to have all your favorite blogs in one, aesthetically pleasing, place.
I am currently un-subscribing from the email list of all the blogs that I follow,
and just adding them to my Bloglovin page!
It has made my mornings run more smoothly, because now
I don't feel the pressure to get through all those blog emails and clear out my inbox for the day.
For me, blog reading should not be a morning activity.
(I'll save my new morning routine for another post).
I'm now enjoying blogs during my 3pm coffee break after I drop my girls off at their sports.
MJ is usually happy to get in a Minecraft shift or head out to hang with the neighbor dudes.
A few more things...
You can scroll through on your phone, if you download the FREE app.
Or, just use the website,
You can "heart" all your favorite posts, in case there was something, like a recipe, that you want to revisit someday.
You can mark them "read" or "unread" so that they remove or stay in your feed.
You can also easily share a post via email or social media.
This has completely simplified and organized my blog reading!
Plus, I'm less likely to read every post this way.
I just read the ones that interest me.
Now, this has probably been around for 5+ years...I am really slow to change.
But, when I do make a change, it is usually a really good thing.

I hope you organize all your favorite blogs on Bloglovin'!

XOXO Tiffany

"You can cry a river, but can you build a bridge?"
Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

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